General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Britt argues with Sabrina, and admits she told Emma she doesn't like her. Satisfied with her actions, Britt walks away from Sabrina and discovers Patrick standing directly behind her. He heard every word she said, and Britt panics. Patrick is angry she called Emma a spoiled brat. He quickly informs her Emma is the most important person in his life. Britt claims he's overreacting, and simply misunderstood her words. Patrick accuses Britt of making Emma feel unwelcome, but Britt refuses to take the blame for Emma running away.  

Britt doesn’t want Patrick to throw away their relationship, but he will not be with someone who doesn’t care about his daughter. Patrick declares he and Britt are done.  Britt plays the sex card, but Patrick knows he’s not the guy for her.  Britt blames Sabrina for trying to come between her and Patrick.  She accuses Sabrina of poisoning Emma against her, and using Emma to get closer to Patrick.  Sabrina denies it, but Britt says Sabrina wants Patrick for herself.  

John finds Rafe kneeling over Alison’s dead body, and calls the crime in to the station.  He tries to get information from Rafe, but the young boy remains silent.  Anna arrives, and John explains what he’s found so far.  She asks why John was at the scene, and he tells her that Alison called him to meet at the pier.  

AJ thinks he’s having a heart attack, but Liz checks him out and gets him to calm down. She explains he simply had a panic attack. AJ thinks the episode makes him sound weak, something Edward would never accept.  Liz advises him to get his stress levels under control. She reminds him the downfall of ELQ is not his fault.   AJ informs her investors are pulling out, and he needs to handle the crisis.  Liz brings up Tracy’s check being stopped by the bank, which leaves The Nurses' Ball without funding.  AJ knows the ball is important, and feels she should not give up on reviving it.  

Michael updates Starr on the events in Connie's office concerning Sonny and ELQ. Starr reminds him Connie is a pathological liar.  Starr defends Sonny, which surprises Michael. 

Maxie claims to be happy, just as Spinelli brings Ellie home from the hospital. Ellie immediately tears into Maxie for sleeping with Spinelli. She accuses Maxie of tampering with her car to get her claws into Spin, but Maxie denies it. Ellie demands to know Maxie’s excuse for bedding Spin.  Maxie doesn't have an excuse, but is glad it happened. She feels it gave them closure, and made Spinelli realize he was meant to be with Ellie. Maxie’s accepted this fact. 

Sam asks Lucy about Alison, and whether she’d lie for Lucy and back up the vampire story.  Lucy hasn’t seen Alison in years, and explains Rafe is Caleb’s son.  She tells Sam both Rafe Sr. and Caleb disappeared suddenly, and only recently resurfaced. Lucy insists she’s telling the truth about Caleb, and warns he needs to be stopped or the body count will rise.  

TJ finds out Molly paid for Rafe’s lunch, and becomes jealous.  He advises her to be careful, but Molly is sure Rafe is harmless.  Later on, they’re walking on the pier and come across the crime scene.  Molly is shocked when the police tell them that a boy killed his mother there.  

Ellie thanks Spin for being there for her, and in turn, he thanks her for accepting his apology.  Spin is certain they can put New Year’s Eve behind them now.

Lulu and Maxie arrive at the hospital for her check up and find Britt destroying the exam room in a fit of rage.  Britt declares it’s time for Lulu to know the truth about the baby.

Patrick apologizes to Sabrina, and admits Liz warned him about Britt.  He wants to know what Britt meant about Sabrina wanting him for herself. 

Sam returns to the PCPD and relays Lucy's warning about Alison being in danger to John.  He confesses Lucy was right. 

At the station, Anna tries to get Rafe to talk.  She inquires about his relationship with his mother, and if she was meeting anyone.  She asks Rafe if he killed his mother, and he vows he didn’t.  Anna thinks he knows what happened, and demands to know who killed Alison.  Rafe points to John McBain.