General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Anna is shocked when Rafe swears he watched John McBain kill his mother.  Anna points out that Rafe was found with the murder weapon.  Rafe admits he pulled it out in hopes of helping his mother.  Rafe explains they were in town to find Lucy, and Alison gave him the weapon for protection.  He mentions having lunch with Molly, then heading back to the alley.  Rafe has a memory of someone who looks like John killing his mother, and then being arrested by John.  He begs Anna to believe him. 

John tells Sam that Alison was murdered, and Rafe was found kneeling over the dead body.  Sam fills him in on her conversation with Lucy about Caleb. Apparently, Caleb was Rafe’s father, and neither Rafe Sr. nor Caleb have been seen for years.  

Britt informs Lulu that Maxie has been lying to her, and exposes the one night stand with Spinelli.  Lulu admits Maxie told her, but she's just as upset with Britt for keeping things about the pregnancy from her and Dante.  Britt apologizes for keeping Lulu out of the loop, and promises to tell her everything from now on. However, Britt doesn’t divulge the baby’s true paternity.  

Patrick asks Sabrina about Britt’s comments, but Liz arrives and explains ELQ's funds are frozen.  When Patrick steps away to answer a call, Sabrina updates Liz on what happened between Patrick and Britt.  She also mentions how Britt exposed her for wanting Patrick for herself.  Liz believes Sabrina should tell Patrick how she feels, but Sabrina doesn’t think he’s interested.  Liz convinces her to say something, and when Patrick returns, she urges Sabrina to say it now.  

Felicia and Mac are happy to see Kevin, who tells them all about his vampire filled visit with Lucy. He thinks the collapse of her company and coming back to PC triggered the return of her fantasies.  Mac and Felicia feel he shouldn't give up on Lucy so quickly. They believe Kevin and Lucy belong together, and Lucy will put the vampire stuff behind her once and for all.  

Molly realizes Rafe is the boy charged with killing his mother, and TJ convinces her to talk to the police.  They head to the station and she tells John and Sam what happened earlier with Rafe.  Molly mentions Rafe said he wishes he were sometimes free of his mother. However, she doesn’t believe he would kill her.  Sam reminds her she barely knows Rafe, or what he’s capable of.  

Todd’s returns to Ferncliff and speaks with Lucy. He couldn't lie at the hearing, because Starr sat in on it. Now, his case will go to trial. Suddenly, Heather shows up and claims to have a plan. However, Todd wants nothing to do with her.  At first, neither does Lucy, but her tune changes when Heather swears she can get them out.  

Todd eventually decides he wants in on the plan, because he refuses to go back to prison.  Lucy worries about Heather’s plan, but Todd points out Heather has escaped more than once. He asks Heather what she has up her sleeve. Heather explains she’s gotten friendly with the staff, and made them believe they are underpaid. The Ferncliff staff has planned a walk out tonight, and the three of them will join them. 

After Lulu leaves, Maxie begs Britt not to tell the truth about the baby. She promises to do anything to keep Britt quiet.  Britt says her relationship with Patrick is over, but Maxie can help her destroy Sabrina.  

John enters the room to talk to Rafe, who accuses him of killing his mother.  As Rafe is being taken away, he sees Molly and calls out to her. He swears he didn't kill Alison. John informs Sam that Rafe claims John is the killer.  Sam is sure Rafe is just trying to protect himself.  

Felicia’s alone in the bar, when Frisco arrives.

Todd, Heather and Lucy are sneaking out of Ferncliff dressed as guards. Just as they are almost out of the door, Kevin arrives and catches them.  

Caleb Morley returns to the scene of the crime.