General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Felicia’s shocked to see Frisco, who explains he finally received her message about Maxie being a surrogate.  Mac walks in, and has a similar reaction to Felicia's upon seeing Frisco. Frisco offers his hand to Mac, and Mac reluctantly shakes it.  Mac wonders why he didn’t return for Georgie’s death or Maxie’s trial. Mac asks how Frisco found out about Maxie.  Frisco admits Felicia told him, which surprises Mac. 

Frisco inquires why any of this is Mac’s business. Mac points out he raised Frisco’s girls, because he couldn’t be bothered.  Mac also informs Frisco that he and Felicia are back together.  Frisco congratulates the couple, and offers to toast them.  When he leaves the room, Mac demands to know why Felicia contacted her ex and didn’t tell him.  

Kevin’s surprised to see Lucy out of Ferncliff, and wonders where she’s going.  Heather pretends she and Todd are actual guards ready to join the picket line.  When Kevin ousts Lucy as a patient, Heather and Todd act shocked by his news.  Heather attempts to bring Lucy inside, but Lucy spills the beans that they are all inmates, planning an escape.

Kevin feels Lucy needs to stay and get the help she needs.  Lucy wants to leave, so she can save Port Charles from the King of Vampires, Caleb Morley.  When Kevin tries to stop them from leaving, Heather smacks him over the head and knocks him out cold.    

Britt complains about Sabrina to Maxie. Britt knows Sabrina is a social climber who’s attached herself to Patrick, and before him, Steve.  Britt wants Maxie’s help, but Maxie just wants to focus on her pregnancy.  

Olivia stops by the hospital to visit Steve, who’s in the shower.  Olivia has a vision of Sabrina taking a shower with Steven, so she storms off to find Sabrina. Once she does, Liv warns her to stay away from Steve.  Sabrina’s confused, until Olivia explains her latest vision. Liz reminds the women it was only a vision. Olivia replies her visions always have a way of coming true.  Steven explains Sabrina had a crush on him.  Sabrina swears she no longer has an attraction to Steve.

Dante comes home, and Lulu updates him on the incident with Britt. Soon, Britt calls and has information for the couple. However, before she can say anything, Maxie agrees to help her destroy Sabrina. So, Britt simply tells Lante all went well with the check up. Dante fill in Lulu on Alison's murder and John's possible involvement as Caleb Morley. Then, the two make love. 

Michael returns home, and Starr informs him of her father's upcoming trial. She does feel a little guilt, on behalf of her brothers, but ultimately, Starr’s glad her father will be out of her life.  The two have a play fight, and end up in bed together.  

Maxie wants to know Britt’s plans for Sabrina.  Britt will let her know later, and warns Maxie not to say anything to Sabrina or Lante.  

Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for not believing her when it came to Britt.  He thanks her for standing up for Emma, and mentions he’s not ready for a relationship. He adds that when he is, it won’t be with a co-worker.  Sabrina offers to be his babysitter again, but he’d rather they be friends.  Sabrina tells Liz she’s glad she didn’t tell Patrick the truth about her feelings.  

Olivia has a vision of Heather, and informs Steve she saw his mother coming out of the show. She asks if Heather is still in Ferncliff, and Steve assures her that she is. Olivia believes she must be mistaken. 

Todd wants to go, but Lucy is hesitant to leave Kevin behind.  Heather’s worried about what will happen once Kevin wakes up.  They decide to take his car, and Todd grabs the keys from Lucy.  Heather and Todd take off.  Lucy apologizes to an unconscious Kevin, and then runs after them.  

Mac thinks Felicia didn’t say anything, because she’s ashamed he isn’t an international spy like Frisco.  Felicia feels her love life is none of Frisco’s business, and only wanted him to know about Maxie. She never expected him to show up.  Felicia says she’s with Mac, and the two kiss.  Frisco returns, looking to toast Mac and Felicia.  Maxie arrives to talk to Mac and Felicia, and is floored to see Frisco.