General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Connie storms into the courthouse, and declares Kristina did not try to kill her. Connie takes the stand and explains everything is a misunderstanding.  When questioned about Kris and the baseball bat, Connie claims Kristina is trying out for the softball team. When asked about the handprints on her neck, Connie recalls Kris was trying to help her remove a necklace.  

The DA asks why Connie called the police.  Connie admits she was grieving and lashed out. She was honestly trying to hurt someone else.   Alexis asks for the charges to be dropped.  The DA thinks there is enough evidence to take Kris to trial, even though Connie has recanted her original statement.  The judge agrees to charge Kristina with second-degree assault, and orders her to community service.   

Tracy wants to know if Luke found anything out from Carly, but Luke hasn’t had any luck getting in touch with his niece.  Luke asks about Lucy and her 1%, but Tracy explains about Lucy’s stint in Ferncliff. Luke reads about Heather's escape, and becomes worried for Anna. He immediately calls to check on her. Tracy still thinks Carly knows something about an heir, and begs Luke to find out.   

Todd checks his safe for his passport and money, only to have Carly show up behind him with those items in hand. Carly threatens to call John, but gets Anna instead.  Anna asks if Carly has seen Todd, and Todd begs Carly to hear him out. Carly caves, and tells Anna she hasn't seen Todd. 

Todd asks Carly to run away with him.  He wants them to start a life together, because they have a connection.  Carly points out Johnny wanted her to run away with him too, and he was lying all along.  Todd claims he’s different than Johnny. He swears Carly knows everything there is to know about him.  He knows she loves him, and he loves her. They can deal with everything together.  

One of Anna’s officers informs her of John’s partial print being found on the murder weapon.  Anna reads the results and discovers it’s not an identical match. She wonders about the possibility of the print being a relative of John’s, or a lab error.  

John wants to go over the events of the night Alison was murdered with Rafe.  Rafe admits they’ve been running forever, and someone was after them.  John asks for a name, and Rafe tells him Caleb.  Rafe stresses he saw John kill his mother, but John says he isn’t Caleb. He has proof of who he is, and believes Caleb must look like him. John asks the young man about minor details.  Rafe remembers seeing a ring on Caleb’s hand, and describes it to John.  

Lucy’s terrified to see Caleb standing over her.  She accuses him of killing Alison, and vows to protect Rafe.  Caleb would never hurt his own son, and wants Rafe to know the truth.  Caleb decides he’s going to claim his son.  Lucy swears he won’t get near Rafe, and Caleb snarls she won’t stop him.  Caleb comes at her, but Lucy wakes up to find herself alone.  

TJ and Molly fight about Rafe being a murderer.  Molly believes Rafe is telling the truth, and accuses TJ of acting jealous.  Anna breaks up their argument, and TJ rats out Molly to Anna. Anna’s upset Molly would put herself in danger. Molly swears it won’t happen again.    

Kristina wonders why Connie recanted.  Connie says it was the right thing to do.  Sonny thanks her, and asks her to make things right by Michael as well.  Connie admits to Michael she lied about Sonny and the ELQ information. However, she refuses to give up who actually gave her the proof.

Todd swears to Carly that she can trust him.  Then, Luke shows up looking for Carly.  

Federal agents arrive at the mansion to arrest Tracy. 

Caleb shows up at the PCPD to see Rafe.

Lucy sneaks into the PCPD, but is quickly recognized by one of the officers.  Anna overhears a ruckus, and finds Lucy standing over the officer with a gun. Lucy points the gun at Anna, and screams about saving Rafe from Caleb.