SPOILERS: Will Nikki's Secret Destroy Her Pending Nuptials on The Young and the Restless?


Nikki: What exactly is the socialite hiding? Victoria pays a visit to her mother'splace, and notices her hands are shaking. Nikki tries to play it off, but Victoria isn't buying what she's selling. Nikki finally reveals she's sick, and gives Victoria the letter she received from the doctor. Vicky begs her mother to tell Victor, but Nikki doesn't want to worry her beloved. Nikki convinces Victoria to keep quiet. Later, when Victor attempts to discuss the wedding with Nikki, she loses it and calls the wedding off!


Victor: Congressman Wheeler does the unthinkable; he threatens Victor in regards to his daughter's death! Yeah, he must be new in town...

Tyler/Lily/Cane/Chelsea: Cane and Chelsea work very closely together, while Tyler watches on. Later, Tyler tells Lily about Cane and Chelsea's earlier interaction.

Abby: The Naked Heiress is back in Genoa City, and has decided to change her childish ways. Abby wants to work at Jabot, and rekindle things with Carmine. Unfortunately for Abby, Carmine shuts her down. However, the young spitfire isn't deterred by Carmine's reaction. A new man romances Abby. What will Carmine think?

Sharon: The slonkey battles her feelings for Adam.

Nick/Avery/Dylan: The legal maverick is in quite the predicament. Avery starts to have flashbacks of her time with Dylan, and wonders if she can decide between her old love and new beau Nick. Later, Nick and Avery's romantic night together gets spoiled.

Michael/Lauren: GC's only surviving married couple’s relationship has hit the skids, all because of that little badass Fenmore! As Michael attempts to fix his fragile marriage, Lauren rips him a new one for Fen going to jail.

Afterwards, Lauren heads over to the GCAC bar for a drink, and ends up talking to Carmine about her problems. Lauren throws back one too many drinks, and Carmine ends up driving her home.  Unbeknownst to them, someone spots the two looking a bit cozy. When Lauren wakes up the next day, she is not sorry for lighting into Michael, or ready to forgive him for what he did to Fen.

Jamie/Paul: The troubled youth confesses that he lied about Fen pushing him off the roof. Jamie admits he tried to kill himself, and attempts to do it again! Paul arrives on the scene, and convinces Jamie not to jump.