General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sabrina stumbles upon Caleb and the injured officer on the pier.  When she realizes the officer isn’t dead, she tries to stop the bleeding and asks “John” to call 911. However, when she looks up, "John" has disappeared. 

Duke declares the pickle relish will save ELQ, just as Tracy has the same revelation with Luke.

Michael doesn’t understand how a condiment can save the company.  AJ explains years ago, the relish production saved ELQ.   Michael points out Tracy posses the only remaining jar, so Duke decides they need to find the recipe.  

Luke has no clue what Tracy's talking about, until Tracy explains the relish saved the company in the past. She knows it can do so again.  She realizes this is why Edward left her the jar, and needs to find the recipe.  They hear a story on the news about Anna being held hostage by Lucy, and Luke takes off to check on Anna.  

Maxie really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Britt’s plan, but Britt continues to blackmail her into it.  Patrick overhears them say Sabrina’s name, and starts to complain to Maxie about Britt. He begins to go into detail, but stops. 

Maxie asks Britt if she hurt Emma, but she denies it and swears Sabrina turned Emma and Patrick against her. She wants Maxie to make Sabrina disappear.  Maxie questions exactly what she means, but Britt only wants Sabrina fired.  

TJ visits Molly to talk about Rafe.  Rafe hides in the bushes, and listens to them. Molly reminds TJ everyone was ready to turn their back on him, but she gave him a chance. She feels TJ needs to give Rafe the same benefit of the doubt.  TJ says Rafe is blaming John for his mother's murder. Molly is eager to see where the investigation leads.  

After TJ leaves, Rafe comes out of the shadows and explains to Molly what happened on the pier. He has nowhere to go, and begs her to hide him. Molly obliges, as Caleb lurks in the shadows. 

Anna and Dante discuss the murder case.  He wonders if John was involved, and heads to the hospital to check on the officer.  Anna finds the murder weapon, and the evidence bag it was in. She quickly realizes someone took it out of the evidence room. 

Maxie’s ready to do Britt’s bidding, but becomes hesitant when Dante gets to the hospital.  Britt tells her to take care of it, and leaves.  Maxie concludes she has to do this for the sake of the baby.  

Dante tries to get answers from the officer, as Sabrina and Patrick work on him.  Unfortunately, the officer dies.  Dante questions Sabrina, who explains her earlier confrontation with “John”. She also mentions the arrow with blood on it.  Sabrina and Patrick are cleaning up the room, when Sabrina finds an empty vial on the floor. Patrick claims she gave the patient the wrong medication.    

Tracy asks Alice about the relish, and then decides to check the kitchen for the recipe.  AJ and Michael arrive looking for the same thing, and find the jar.  Tracy isn’t happy to see them with the jar. 

Back at the station, Dante checks the surveillance footage of the evidence room and sees Caleb exit.  John arrives, and wonders what’s been happening. 

Luke finds Anna at the crime scene, and asks if she’s okay. He stresses how important she is to him. Anna updates him on the latest crazy vampire happenings in Port Charles. She expresses her worry about John’s possible involvement in everything. 

Anna gets a call from Duke, but lets it go to voice mail.  He’s concerned about her, because he just heard about the incident with Lucy.  

Anna wonders why she trusts the wrong people, and believes her instincts are off.  She wonders if she’s been wrong about John as well.  Luke reminds her she’s been through a lot since Robin’s death. Anna doesn’t know whom to count on, so Luke says to count on him.  The two kiss, as Laura arrives to witness it all.