Daytime and Pop Confidential Take 'The Power Trip' in NYC With Jackie Collins!

A historic blizzard pummeling much of the East Coast wasn't enough to prevent me from hopping on a bird from Atlanta to New York City this past weekend. What would make me risk life and frozen limb in such a manner? Why, Jackie Collins of course!


The ultimate queen of sudsy pot boilers released her 29th novel, The Power Trip, on Tuesday and yours truly was asked to co-host a blogger party Monday night at Yotel, with my new homegirl, stylista extraordinaire Lara Eurdolian (above right)of the blog Pretty Connected.

For the first half-hour or so, a Who's Who of NYC bloggers and entertainment journos, including: ABC News and Huffington Post writer Dustin Fitzharris; Glamamom's Jill Seiman; Mindy Kobrin of Meals on Heels By Mindy and our own Jillian Bowe, representing Daytime Confidential, Pop Confidential and Celebuzz, mingled and partook of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, under heated lamps, which kept Yotel's Fourth floor Club Terrace nice and toasty!


Then we all gathered around on plush banquettes—frothy, peach vodka martinis flowing freely—as Jackie regaled us with plenty of real-life scandalous tales, which served as the inspiration for The Power Trip, as well as her countless other monster-hit tomes.

Next, Lara and I divided the 40 or so guests into teams of two for a spirited game of Pop Culture Trivia, which of course Jackie won! Seriously, do you follow the author of Chances, The Bitch and Hollywood Wives on Twitter? From Revenge to Shameless to Scandal, she has all of popular culture on lock!

Speaking of Shameless, La Collins thinks Emmy Rossum would make a great Lucky Santangelo on the big or small screen. As Lucky's biggest fan, I can readily co-sign that!  Collins also shared with me that she recently re-acquired the TV and film rights to Hollywood Wives, which I told her simply must be adapted as a weekly primetime soap! 

But enough about the party, because as fabulous as it was—and trust me, it was fab—it didn't have anything on The Power Trip itself!

The scorching page-turner centers on Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko, who invites five A-list supercouples aboard his new luxury yacht, The Bianca, for its inaugural voyage. The Bianca is named for Aleksandr's drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, a biracial supermodel, who is anxious for her man to finally divorce his bitter wife.

On what promises to be the trip of a lifetime, Aleksandr and Bianca invite her pal, gay, Latin heartthrob Luca Perez and his much-older British boyfriend Jeromy; ruthless Senator Hammond Patterson and his long-suffering wife Sierra; aging, bachelor movie star Cliff Baxter and his ex-waitress galpal Lori; black, U.K. footballer Taye Sherwin and his jealous, decorator wife Ashley; muckraking website journalist Flynn Hudson and his lesbian friend Xuan. 

Before anyone can ask another guest's mate to rub suntan oil on a hard-to-reach spot, The Bianca is threatened by ruthless, Russian mobster Sergei Zukov—an old foe of Aleksandr's—and a sociopathic pirate going by the singular name of Cruz.

The Power Trip is Collins at her sinfully-decadent best. From the Prologue ending with one member of a couple achieving orgasm, as the second catches a bullet, right up to the shocking end, the novel takes you right into the luxurious, sexy and often-times dangerous world of the global celebrity elite.  

Since the book dropped on Feb. 12, Collins has been making the rounds on the daytime and primetime talk show circuit. She appears on Anderson Live on Valentine's Day (Check your local listings!). You can also catch her interview with Matt Lauer on Today below. Be sure to pick up your copy of The Power Trip today!  

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