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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu is reading a newspaper article about Johnny receiving a 20-year sentence to Pentonville, when Mac stops by to purchase tickets to the Valentine’s Day dance.  She feels bad for Johnny because he lost everything. Now, Lulu is forced to run The Haunted Star by herself.  Mac complains about Frisco showing up in town to visit Maxie. Lulu worries about the stress on Maxie, and reassures Mac he’s the better man. 

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Frisco visits Felicia, and complains about Maxie ignoring his calls.  Felicia says Maxie doesn’t trust him, since he always takes off after getting her hopes up.  She advises him to prove his love to Maxie.  Frisco claims to know how important Maxie and Felicia are in his life now. He admits he's come back for them.  

Frisco confesses he’s loved Felicia since day one, but Felicia doesn’t think constantly being dumped is love. She's realized over the years he has no room in his life for family. She wants to know why he’s suddenly changing the rules.  Frisco urges Felicia to admit she still loves him, but Felicia says she’s with Mac.  Frisco thinks she’s settling, and knows what they had was special.  

Johnny asks to see Starr before being shipped to Pentonville.  She doesn’t want to hear any remorse from him, since it won’t bring her family back.  Johnny knows he can’t bring them back, but can give her something that may help.    

Laura watches as Anna and Luke kiss, but quickly leaves.  Anna feels she's not thinking straight, and has no faith in her judgment.  Luke wonders if this is the end.  Anna says having Duke back reminded her of how it used to be, and she wants to feel that again. She believes Luke had the real deal with Laura, but he claims his life with Laura is long over.  Anna thanks him for everything he did when Robin died, but ends their relationship.  

Molly hides Rafe in her room, and offers to make him some food.  While she’s gone, Kristina knocks on the door. Rafe panics and hides under the bed.  Kristina is concerned she may be capable of murder, because she wanted Connie dead.  She and Molly talk about Johnny, and Kris mentions she will perform her community service at Pentonville.  

TJ expresses his concerns about Molly and her feelings for Rafe to Shawn.  TJ checks his phone, and reads a message stating Rafe is no longer in police custody.  He worries about Molly and calls her to tell her. However, she already knows and assures him everything is fine.

Dante demands to know where John has been, and asks about him taking Rafe out of his cell.  John denies Dante's allegations, so Dante shows him the security footage.  John wants Date to talk to Carlson, but Dante informs him Carlson was murdered. He mentions the eyewitness fingered John as the culprit.  Dante tells John the weapon used to murder Carlson was the same one used in Alison's murder. John knows it was down in the evidence room.  Dante shows him the footage of Caleb leaving the room.

Lulu is thrilled when Laura shows up at The Haunted Star.  Laura says she came as soon as she heard she was going to be a grandmother.  Lulu asks about Lucky, and Laura informs her that she saw him last year in Ireland.  Laura asks about Luke, and if he’s seeing anyone.  Lulu mentions Anna, but isn’t certain where they stand.  

Mac’s not happy to see Frisco back at the bar.  He reminds Frisco of the hurt he caused his daughters, and warns Maxie may not be so forgiving this time.  Frisco feels it’s up to Maxie and Felicia to give him a second chance. He wants to have dinner with them tomorrow.  Mac doesn't think the dinner will happen, because he and Felicia have plans for the Valentine’s Day dance.  Frisco tells Felicia to work on Maxie, because he’s not giving up on either of them.  

Rafe thinks he should leave, because he’s putting Molly in danger. Molly doesn't think so, and wants him to stay.

Starr visits Lulu, and is overjoyed to meet the infamous Laura.  Laura heads out, and Starr informs Lulu that Johnny gave her his half of the Haunted Star. She and Lulu are official partners. 

Despite the video footage, John swears to Dante and Anna he didn’t steal evidence or escape with Rafe. However, Anna can't go on his word alone, and has no choice but to place him under arrest. 

Laura makes a call and informs a mystery person she’s safely in Port Charles. She tells the person they should go ahead with their plans.