General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sabrina swears she followed protocol correctly, and checked the label on the vial three times before giving it to Patrick. She’s upset her mistake killed Officer Carlson.  Patrick tells her Steve is head of the ER, and will start an inquiry immediately.  He advises her not to worry, and volunteers to go with her to meet Steve. 

Heather runs into Caleb on the docks, but thinks he’s John and runs away. She hides in a makeshift tent, and unexpectedly lands on Todd. She tells him about running into John, but Todd says John is in jail.  Todd informs her he’s waiting for someone. He also chartered a boat to take him away.  Heather tells him that she hired the same man, and they need to share. Heather becomes frustrated and leaves to see Steve, but warns she'll be back.  Later on, Todd decides he’s leaving without her. 

Kevin stops by the police station to visit Lucy.  She apologizes for his injuries and leaving him behind. She stresses how important it was to find Rafe and protect him.  Lucy’s worried about John, but Anna tells her that he’s in jail.  Lucy knows Alison wanted her help in protecting Rafe.

Kevin’s angry Lucy has dismantled her whole life, and believes she’s a danger to herself and others.  Lucy didn’t choose this life, but can’t ignore it.  Alexis arrives, so Kevin heads out. 

Alexis informs Lucy that she’s in serious trouble, and likely won’t go back to Ferncliff.  Lucy doesn't have a problem with Alexis' assessment, and wishes to go back down to the cells. Anna warns Lucy that she won’t see John.   

Sam visits John in jail, and tells him Alexis is working on his case.  John gives Sam a run down of all the evidence against him, and realizes someone out there looks just like him.  Sam wants to know where he was when all of this was happening.  John admits he went to the university to talk to a professor, who is an expert in the occult. 

John’s upset he didn’t believe in "Caleb”. He's certain he isn’t a vampire, but a killer who looks like him.  Sam mentions the professor can give John an alibi, and offers to talk to him.  

Steve promises to keep Olivia safe from Heather.  Olivia realizes if her vision of Heather was true, then there must be something to the vision of Sabrina in the shower. 

Rafe wakes up in Molly’s room.  She assures him that he’s safe.  Alexis knocks on the door, so Rafe hides under the bed.  Alexis wants Molly to watch Danny, and complains about work, Lucy and John. Alexis doesn’t believe John is guilty, and knows they need to find Rafe.  

After Alexis leaves, Molly thinks Rafe should turn himself in.  Rafe feels the police won’t believe him, and realizes he sounds as paranoid as his mother did.  He decides his mother's death needs justice.  Before heading to the station, Molly offers to make him something to eat. She leaves him alone with Danny to make the food.  

Sabrina tells Steve she was in a rush, but swears she checked the vial three times.  Steve thinks it's necessary to wait for the autopsy results, before issuing any punishment. Britt intercepts the autopsy results, and checks them out before handing them back to the lab tech.  Steve reads the results, which reveal Heparin was in Officer Carlson's system at the time he died. Steve declares Sabrina used the wrong medication, and will have to write her up.

Britt gloats to Patrick that she heard Sabrina killed someone.  Patrick dismisses her.  Sabrina worries having a fatality on her record will ruin her chances in the nursing field, especially since she's graduating soon. Patrick claims the officer would have died anyway, but Sabrina believes they don’t know that for certain. 

Olivia sees Heather in a nurse’s uniform, but Steve points out it's Britt and not his mother. Olivia feels if she saw Heather, then it means Heather is in Port Charles. 

Heather shows up in Molly’s room, and she finds Rafe and Danny.  Danny is skeptical of Heather. She tells him she’s there for the baby.   

Caleb pops up at the professor’s office.  The professor assumes he’s talking to John again, and explains there hasn’t been a vampire sighting in years. However, the clan used to go by the name Morley.  He continues and divulges the wearer of the ring has enormous powers, and wants revenge.  The professor spots the newspaper article about John killing a cop, so Caleb kills him.  Suddenly, Sam knocks on the door.