General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Heather tells Rafe she is Danny’s nanny, and has come to take him away.  Rafe refuses to give her the baby, so Heather threatens to call Alexis or the police. Rafe feels cornered, and gives up the baby.  

John wants to work with Lucy to find Rafe.  Alexis doesn’t like the idea, but Anna offers to guarantee Lucy’s safety.  Alexis orders Lucy to help the police find Rafe. 

Sam knocks on the professor’s door, but doesn't get an answer. Soon, the professor’s assistant arrives and offers to open the door for Sam.  Both are shocked to find the professor dead.  Anna receives a call about the professor, and informs John that his alibi is dead.  

Carly visits Starr to see if the news about Johnny giving her the club is true. They chat for a bit, and the conversation soon turns to Todd. Carly admits Todd told her goodbye, and asked her to run away with him.  Starr wonders if she wishes she’d said yes.  Carly confesses she would have forgiven Todd if he’d told her the truth.  The two toast to Todd, and wish him luck on his trip.  

Todd wants the boat captain to hurry up and load the boat, so they can leave.  The captain says he’s waiting for Heather.  After much back and forth, the captain changes his mind and orders Todd to find another way out of the country.  

Kristina is suspicious of Molly, and thinks she is hiding TJ in her room.  Kris warns her sister to be careful and use protection.  Alexis returns home, and Kris gives her mother a recap of her community service at Pentonville. She reassures Alexis everything will be fine. Kris also tells her mother to talk to Molly about teenage girl stuff.

When Molly gets back to her room, Rafe tells her the nanny took Danny.  Molly runs out and informs Alexis that Heather kidnapped Danny.  She asks what happened, and if Molly actually saw Heather.  Molly says she wasn’t there, but can’t explain what really happened.  Rafe comes out, and confesses Heather took the baby from him.  

Anna shows up at the university, and Sam updates her on the situation.  Anna finds the scissors Caleb used to kill the professor.  Anna’s confused due to the previous surveillance footage, but knows John did not commit this murder.  

John asks Lucy about the ring, and explains why he went to see the professor.  He points out the professor was killed while John was in custody, which means there is someone out there trying to frame him.  Lucy still claims he’s Caleb, and has mesmerized everyone.  John feels if he had the power, he would have mesmerized everyone to let him go. John swears he has nothing to gain from being stuck in lock up. 

John believes Caleb is benefitting the most from he and Lucy being locked up, because no one is looking for him. Caleb has free reign to do whatever he wants. John asks who Caleb would be most after.  Lucy names Rafe and Livvie, and wonders why she should trust John.  John says he trusts her, and believes there is a Caleb. 

Heather and Danny show up on the pier and await the boat captain.  Caleb arrives, and asks about the baby.  Heather says he’s her baby, and she won’t let him take the baby away.  Todd watches, as Caleb grabs Heather and tosses her in the water.  Todd stops Caleb from leaving with the baby.  He thinks Caleb is John who’s lost it, but Todd refuses to let him steal the baby.  

Sam and Anna receive a call about Heather kidnapping Danny. Anna also receives a call about Todd and Heather on the pier. Sam and Anna head to the pier, as Caleb and Todd are about to fight over the baby. Before the action begins, Caleb hears the sirens and disappears.  Anna and Sam arrive at the pier in time to see Todd with the baby.