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Melody Thomas Scott Reveals What Nikki's Hiding on The Young and the Restless

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What is going on with Nikki  (Melody Thomas Scott) these days? The Young and the Restless viewers got a bit of a shock when they saw the socialite’s hands shake after she tickled the ivories in her new deluxe apartment in the sky. Is this a sign of Nikki biting it? TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan got the real deal and more from Mrs. Thomas Scott herself.

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TV Guide Magazine: MS, huh? Yikes. Please tell us this is a good idea!

Melody Thomas Scott: When people hear MS they gasp and think it's a death sentence, and the plan with this story is to educate people that it's not, that it's controllable with the proper treatment.  Of course, the fans on Twitter are already thinking Nikki's gonna die what with all these mysterious symptoms she's been having. They thought it was maybe going to be cancer or something. Of course, what do I know? [Laughs] Maybe they are killing Nikki off? Hey, these things happen. 

Thomas Scott also revealed whether or not her storyline was created because of contract disputes.

TV Guide Magazine: Is your contract up? We've been here before!

Thomas Scott: [Laughs] Hey, they tried that already and it didn't work! But, seriously, I think this could be really worthwhile, an opportunity to show the audience that MS is not the end of the world. We actually have a girl on our crew — I've said good morning to her every day for years and years — and I only just found out she has MS. She's a perfect example of people living normal lives with the disease, so that's very encouraging.

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