General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Todd tries to explain to Anna and Sam things aren’t what they seem, but Anna decides Todd was trying to steal Danny.  Carly wanders on to the docks, and Todd swears he was saving the baby from John. He would never let anything bad happen to Danny again.  Anna informs him John has been in police custody, and promptly arrests Todd. 

Alexis is shocked to see Rafe, and accuses Molly of harboring an accused murderer in her room.  Rafe vows he wouldn’t hurt Danny, and admits Heather took him. Molly begs her mother not to call the police, and help Rafe.  Before Alexis can answer, she receives a call from Sam giving her the good news about Danny.

Molly thinks her mother should represent Rafe, since she has no problem being Sonny's attorney.  Alexis points out she’s already representing John, so she has a conflict of interest. She does agree to take Rafe down to the station.  TJ arrives, as they are leaving. 

Sonny wants Shawn to look into the Zacchara organization, now that Johnny is in jail for a while. Shawn thinks Johnny’s assets may be in Connie’s name, but Sonny believes otherwise. 

John tells Dante he's isn't the one who is killing people, because Caleb Morley is real. Dante doesn’t know what to believe.  John feels Rafe is the key to the mystery.  John reminds Dante he helped him during the Ronnie situation. John wants to be let go.   

Kristina runs into Johnny at Pentonville, and explains Connie recanted on the stand, thus allowing Kris to get community service instead of jail time.  Johnny doesn’t understand why Connie would lie to help someone else.  Kris thinks it was for Sonny, but Johnny feels Connie hates Sonny since he wants Kate.    Johnny tells her about giving Starr the club. 

Diane meets with Connie and informs her that she may be able to get the court to dismiss the manslaughter charges, but wants to pin the accident on Kate.  Connie isn’t interested, since she would end up in Shadybrook again. Diane asks about paying her legal bills, and Connie promises to check Johnny’s accounts. 

Sonny thanks Connie again for helping Kristina.  Connie tells him about Diane wanting to blame Kate for the accident.  Sonny remembers last year’s Valentine’s day, and is sure Connie was around back then.  She admits she was, and hated what Kate was doing with her life.  She’s surprised at the difference a year makes.  She reminisces about cookies in high school, and Sonny comments that was a long time ago.  

Carly doesn’t understand why Todd would go near Danny again, or blame John.  Sam explains there is someone who looks like John committing all these crimes, which makes Todd’s story believable.  Carly would like to believe Todd. 

Anna brings Todd into the station, and he accuses John of killing Heather and trying to take the baby.  John points out he was at the station the entire time, and there is someone out there who looks like him.  Anna asks what happened to the man, and Todd says he just sort of vanished.  John’s worried about Caleb going after Sam and the baby.  

TJ is angry Molly was hiding Rafe in her bedroom.  Molly says Rafe was in trouble, but TJ accuses her of lying to him. He feels he can’t trust her. TJ can't believe she broke the law, and storms off. 

Alexis brings Rafe to the station, and tells Diane she has a client for her.  Diane informs Alexis her plate is full, but changes her turn when Alexis mentions Rafe is from the Barrington family. She believes there’s likely a trust fund somewhere.  Diane takes on the case, and warns the officer to treat Rafe properly.  

Carly visits Todd at the police station, and tells him she believes him. He asks her to spend her night there with him, but Carly leaves.  

Caleb appears to Sam and the baby.  He pretends he’s John, and wants to look at the baby.  Sam doesn't fall for his trick, and calls him Caleb. Caleb says they’ve known each other for centuries, and always circle back to each other.