General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Lulu and Starr are preparing for the Valentine’s Day dance, while celebrating their new business partnership. Lulu wonders what surprise Dante has in store for her. Dante arrives with Sonny, because he seemed lonely.  Lulu seems a bit shocked Sonny is ready to move on from Kate.  

Liz is thrilled when Laura stops by to see her and the kids.  Laura asks if there is someone new in Liz’s life, but she swears she isn't looking due to a bad track record. Liz wants to know if Laura has seen Luke yet, and Laura admits she saw him kissing Anna.  Laura claims to be happy he’s moved on, since they were over a long time ago.  Liz asks if Laura has moved on, but then apologizes for her nosiness.  Laura is about to confess something to Liz, when there is a knock on the door.  

On the pier, Steve and Olivia commiserate over Heather’s possible death.  Connie shows up, looking for something newsworthy. She wants a quote from Steve about his mother’s death.  Connie decides to join them for the party. 

Maxie complains on the phone to Britt about what else she’s expected to do to ruin Sabrina’s life, when Frisco shows up at her door.  Frisco decided to visit her, since she’s been avoiding his calls.  Maxie expresses her discontent with her father because he hasn’t seen her since she was seven, and missed Georgie’s life completely.  Frisco reminds her that he’s still her father, and wants to get to know her to make amends.  Maxie agrees to go with him to The Haunted Star. 

Tracy and Luke catch AJ looking for something at the Quartermaine Mansion.  It turns out to be a key Tracy keeps around her neck, which unlocks the padlocks on the pantry and refrigerator.  Tracy wants to make sure AJ doesn’t find the relish, because she’s certain it will save ELQ.  Tracy doesn’t trust AJ with the relish.  AJ points out Tracy is no longer in charge, but she’s sure things will change.  

Felix is tired of depressed Sabrina, and drags her to The Haunted Star’s party.   Sabrina becomes even more upset when she spots Dante at the party, because he was a friend of the dead officer’s.  Sabrina feels she needs to tell Dante she killed the officer, but Felix stops her. He advises her not to worry so much about it, because the hospital will deal with it.

Michael wants Sonny to tell him who sabotaged ELQ, but Sonny refuses due to his promise to Connie. He believes, for once, Connie is thinking of others.  Starr tells Michael to give his father the benefit of the doubt.

Luke’s thrilled Tracy seems to have the upper hand on AJ.  Tracy needs to find the relish recipe, and produce it again, so she can restore ELQ.  She also needs to find the missing heir, because the mystery person will be the deciding factor in ELQ.  Luke promises to keep looking for Laura.  Tracy points out he said Laura and not Lauren. Luke claims he only has Laura on the brain, because Anna mentioned her when she dumped Luke. 

AJ shows up at Liz’s door with flowers, which surprises her. However, he admits he’s only delivering them for her grandmother.  Laura receives a text from someone asking where she is, so she bids everyone goodbye. Before leaving, she reminds Liz not to give up on love. 

AJ explains to Liz about the relish, and the battle with Tracy. He is certain he could put the recipe together, if he was able to analyze it.  Liz asks him to stay for dinner, and AJ accepts.    

Felicia’s angry to see Frisco at the party, but he swears he came to spend time with Maxie.  He wonders why she’s so upset about it.  Mac complains to Lulu, who tells him to go get his woman.  Mac takes Felicia away. 

Connie accuses Starr of stealing her boat. She shouts it belongs to her.  Starr counters by bringing up the fact that Johnny legally gave his half to her, so her name is on the deed.  Connie feels Starr took advantage of a guilt ridden Johnny, and Sonny breaks them up. 

Michael gives Starr a necklace for Valentine’s Day with a note that says “I love you”. Starr returns his feelings.  

Maxie checks on Sabrina, who tells her that she killed a cop. Felix quickly intercedes again.  Maxie eavesdrops, as Sabrina cries over the officer having three kids. 

When Frisco approaches her, Maxie tells him that he’s making a mistake trying to get to know her, because she's a bad person. She feels she isn’t worth it, and only wrecks things.  Frisco wants to know what Maxie has done. 

Laura talks to someone on the phone, and assures the person she hasn’t seen Luke. She vows she was visiting her grandsons. Meanwhile, Luke thinks he spots Laura while on the deck of The Haunted Star.

Connie continues to complain that Starr took what was hers.  Sonny reminds her that she has a newspaper and to let Lulu and Starr run the club.  Connie claims she has nothing and no one and that she’s alone.  Sonny says she has her business, Olivia and him.  They kiss. 

Lulu finds a gift under the bar and thinks it’s from Dante, but he says it isn’t.  Laura runs into Luke at the Star.