(SPOILERISH) Are Things Over For Adam and Chelsea On The Young and the Restless?


Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: Stop me if you heard this one before! Kids, once again Victor's black sheep offspring and the slonkey swap spit, but stop before it gets too hot and heavy. Sharon sees her blouse is torn, and Adam being the gallant lad that he is, offers her one of Chelsea's. Just then, Chelsea arrives to give Adam some exciting news, but spies Sharon coming down the stairs.

A pissed off Chelsea rips into them both and tosses her wedding ring into Adam's face. After Chelsea storms out, Adam wants to resume his make out session with Sharon. However, Sharon puts the breaks on it and bolts.

Later, Sharon bumps into Dylan and the two have a chat about the one you love. The conversation causes Sharon to return to Adam's to finish up where they left off.

Nick: The Newman playboy puts the screws to Dylan about his intentions.

Newmans: The dysfunctional clan hosts a party for the newly rebuilt ranch.

Abby: The naked heiress grills Carmine about his newfound interest in Lauren.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys plan a romantic evening to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but that pesky Genoa City blizzard interferes with their plans. While Cane waits for Lily, Mrs. Ashby is stuck in her car with Tyler.

 Later, Cane finds Lily's car and is stunned when he sees his wife in the backseat in Tyler's arms! At first, Cane is livid by what he discovers, but soon realizes Tyler was only keeping Lily warm during the storm.

Afterwards, the Ashbys head back to the GCAC to celebrate their anniversary, but Cane's jealousy over Tyler kills the mood. Cane grills Lily on if she had sex with Daniel when they broke up. However, Lily refuses to answer him. Cane takes this as a yes, but did she?

Phyllis: Red flips the script on baby sister Avery.

Neil: Leslie is bothered by her man being so nosy about her past.

Cricket: She is hell bent on making Phyllis pay.