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Eileen Davidson on DAYS and Young and Restless: "It Would Be Great to Somehow Be Able to Do Both"

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Who says you can't go home again, even while starring on another soap? Days of Our Lives scene stealer Eileen Davidson dished toTV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan about her upcoming The Young and the Restless guest stint. The multi-tasking actress will reprise the role of Ashley Abbott for Y&R's 40th anniversary, while still appearing as DAYS' dastardly Kristen Blake DiMera. From the chat:


TV Guide Magazine: Can we safely assume that Sony, which oversees both Days and Y&R, made this magic happen between the networks?

Davidson: Yes, Sony worked it all out and it's been terrific! I got a phone call quite a few weeks ago asking if I'd be willing to come back to Y&R for a few days and did I want to think about it? I was, like, "Think about it? I don't need to think. Of course, I'll come back!" When [Y&R head writer] Josh Griffith spoke to you last summer he let it be known that he was sorry I was gone and that he wanted me to return. But, really, what were the chances?

Will this be a one time thing? Davidson revealed her thoughts.

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TV Guide Magazine: Do you think they're testing the waters? Might this soap-hopping thing happen for you on a regular basis?

Davidson: I really don't know. That certainly crossed my mind. I think it would be great to somehow be able to do both but we'll see. Though Ashley's there for Victor and Nikki's wedding she's not just sitting in a pew. She's right back in the mix of things and getting involved in her brother Jack's life. She's very concerned about him.