General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Laura tells Luke that she came to see Lulu, since they’re going to be grandparents again. Luke asks if she’s heard from Lucky. Laura says their son is travelling a lot.

Frisco needs to know Maxie’s secret so that he can help her. Maxie points out Sabrina and says she made her believe she’d killed a cop. Frisco wonders why. Maxie tells him that Britt is blackmailing her and explains about the baby and its true paternity. Frisco reassures her that he’ll take care of Britt, because he’s experienced with dirty tricks.

Sabrina wants to go back to the hospital, to see if she’s received notice that she’s been expelled from the nursing program.

Emma has made Valentines for her father and Sabrina. Britt asks Patrick for a chance to talk to Emma. Britt claims Emma misunderstood her. Britt insists she does like her and cares about Patrick. Emma runs off and into Sabrina’s arms as she arrives. Patrick tells Britt not to speak to Emma anymore. After Emma leaves, Britt tells Sabrina that she wrote Monica a letter and gives her copy.

Sabrina reads the letter, which says that she made a grievous error that ended in a death. It also says she’s grossly incompetent and unprofessional. The letter continues to say that Sabrina is distracted by her crush. Patrick promises to talk to Monica. He says he wants Sabrina to graduate.

Dante and Lulu have no idea what the black rock is or who sent it. The card simply says “saw this and thought of you.” Starr and Michael want to spend time alone together, but Lulu asks for the night off since she hasn’t had one since Johnny was arrested.

Connie breaks off the kiss and storms off. Sonny follows her and tells her that he likes her. He says things have changed and he sees Connie for who she is. He insists he wants her. They go into one of the rooms and make love. After, Connie admits she slept with Johnny to hurt Sonny because she uses sex as a weapon. Connie says she’s scared these feelings are real and wonders about going to prison. Sonny reassures her that Diane is a good lawyer and things will work out. He tells her she is right where she belongs. Later, Connie wakes up, confused and disoriented.

Spinelli and Ellie enjoy Valentine’s Day together. He showers her with gifts and they dance.

Steve and Olivia get back to his place and are surprised that the door is open. After checking out the apartment and finding no one or anything taken, Steve decides he must have forgotten to lock the door. The two make love and after Steve heads to the shower. Olivia has a vision of Steven bleeding from a wound.

As Lulu and Dante are leaving, they run into Luke and Laura. Lulu tells them about the mystery gift and shows it to them. Luke says it’s the ice princess and both think it came from Helena. Lulu doesn’t understand why Helena would send her this. Laura reminds them that Helena used it to control Lucky. Lulu leaves the rock with her parents and heads off for her night with Dante.

Laura wonders what this means. Luke says the last time he saw it was in a vault in Zurich. Luke says he has a bad feeling about their ugly history. Scotty arrives.

At the hospital, Frisco confronts Britt and tells her that her reign of terror is over. He tells her that he’s Maxie’s father and that she will stop blackmailing his daughter. Frisco warns her not to say anything to Lante or Spinelli. Britt doesn’t seem concerned, so Frisco tells her that he’s a fixer, which means he’s paid to kill bad guys and that she’s a bad guy.