General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Luke wants to know why Scotty’s in town. Scotty says he’s here for Laura, because she’s his fiancée. Luke doesn’t believe it. However, Laura admits it’s the truth; she and Scotty are getting married. Luke thinks Scotty’s taking advantage of Laura. He admonishes Laura for having anything to do with Scotty. Laura says she loves Scotty and wants to marry him.

Anna discusses McBain’s case with Duke, as she’s trying to figure out if there are two Johns. Anna says she’s known John for years and doesn’t believe him capable of murder, but can’t explain the evidence. Duke reminds her that the same thing happened with him when Faison took his identity. Anna’s afraid to use her gut. Duke tells her he’s still in love with her. Anna tells him that she broke things off with Luke because he wasn’t the love of her life. The two lean in for a kiss, but are interrupted by a call.

Down in the jail cells, Todd, Rafe and John discuss the case. Todd is sure the man on the pier was John. He saw him throw Heather in the water. John insists it wasn’t him, but someone named Caleb who looks like him. John points out that he was in lockup when Heather was tossed in the water. He insists people are in danger if Caleb is out there. John plays on Todd’s past with him so Todd agrees to believe him, if John believes he wasn’t planning on taking Danny.

John wonders why Caleb wanted the baby and asks if he said anything to Heather before dumping her in the water. Todd remembers the man said he wanted to get to the mother. John realizes Caleb is going after Sam.

Steve assures Olivia that he’s fine; she heard the mirror break, but he has no scratches. Olivia is concerned, since all her visions come true and he could be the serial killer’s next victim. Steve knows John is in lockup and not coming after him. Olivia is still concerned about Heather and her possibly resurfacing.

Alexis and Shawn show up at Sam’s, only to find her and Danny missing. Alexi’s worries that Heather survived the drop in the water and has come after them. Alexis calls Anna and lets her know what’s happened.

Sonny’s shocked to see that Kate is back. He explains she’s missed 5 months. Kate wonders why Connie wasn’t in Shadybrook. Sonny explains why she married Johnny. Kate suddenly realizes that it means Sonny was having sex with Connie. She wonders if Connie tricked him into it. Sonny admits he knew he was sleeping with Connie and that things between them are different now. Kate’s upset that Sonny would substitute her and runs out. She shows up at Olivia’s.

Anna and Alexis come down to the cells to make sure both Todd and John are accounted for. John is certain something bas has happened. Anna admits that Sam and the baby are gone.