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Lily Tries to Reassure Cane on The Young and the Restless


Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) continued to argue about what had happened between her and Daniel (Michael Graziadei). Cane said he felt they were standing in sand and their relationship was slipping away. Boy, wouldn’t that be a treat?

Lily told him they would continue to beat the odds and that she was committed to her marriage, their family and to him.  The two ended up making love.

Sharon (Sharon Case) called 911 to report her accident, then discovered Dylan (Steve Burton) was in the other car. It seemed like Dylan was suffering a bit of PTSD.

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Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) flashed back to Sharon coming down the stairs in her shirt, as she struggled with what to do about the pregnancy test. Adam (Michael Muhney) showed up at her hotel room and demanded she tell him why she was so upset.  

Tyler (Redaric Williams) and Leslie (Angel Conwell) tried to figure out what to do if Avery (Jessica Collins) found a hole in the case against her client. Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) ran into the siblings and ripped into them.

Meanwhile, Avery was making out with Nick (Joshua Morrow). She stopped to ask if he was worried about Dylan. He admitted being a bit concerned, but the two ended up dancing. They were interrupted by Sharon’s call to tell Avery about the accident. Later at the hospital, Avery told Nick she wanted to move on with him.