General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Michael finds Sonny at the Star, searching for Kate. Sonny explains that Kate came back but ran off and he’s looked everywhere for her.

Kate wakes up on Olivia’s couch, still upset that Sonny slept with Connie. Sonny calls, but Olivia tells him that Kate doesn’t want to talk and to wait till she’s ready. Olivia explains to Kate that Sonny tried hard to get her back. She also explains about Connie being married to Johnny to humiliate Sonny. Kate wonders why Johnny would help Connie. Olivia says Johnny was responsible for the car accident.

AJ sends Liz some flowers and then calls to thank her for their evening together. She reminds him of her advice regarding Tracy. After the call, Steve asks her about the flowers. Liz admits they’re from AJ. Steve warns her about AJ, but she reassures him that all is fine. The two discuss Olivia’s vision and how Steve doesn’t believe this one will come true.

John wants to be let out of his cell, so he can go looking for Sam and Danny. Rafe wonders why Caleb would take Sam and blames himself for letting Heather take the baby from him.

Molly stops by the station with photos of Sam and Danny. Lucy’s waiting for her transfer back to Ferncliff and asks to see the photos. She tells Molly that she thinks Caleb has taken Sam because he’s obsessed with Livvie. Lucy now believes that John and Caleb are separate people. Lucy believes Caleb will return for Rafe and wants Molly to break Rafe out of the cell.

Lucy gives Molly keys to the cell that she managed to take from one of the officers. Molly thinks Rafe is in more danger away from the station but Lucy is sure this is the best way to save everyone.

AJ tells Tracy that he thinks they should work together to mass produce the relish and get ELQ back on its feet. He wants to rebuild the company, but Tracy wants to be CEO and doesn’t want to share the relish. AJ says the goal is to save the company, but Tracy’s not interested. AJ starts having a panic attack and Tracy thinks he’s faking a heart attack.

AJ tells her that it’s not a heart attack and to call Liz for help. Tracy still doesn’t believe, but ultimately calls Liz. AJ tells Liz that he can’t calm himself down, so Liz talks him through it.

Sonny doesn’t want to give Kate time, but Michael tells him that she’ll realize his night with Connie meant nothing. Sonny says he was with Connie because he wanted to be. Michael wonders if his father has feelings for Connie. Sonny says there’s more to Connie than meets the eye but that he’s not falling for her, that he loves Kate. He needs to see Kate and get her to understand.

Molly shows up at the cells, asking to speak to Rafe. John sees she has the keys and asks to be let out as well. He swears he would never hurt Sam or Danny, but he needs to find them. Molly asks Rafe’s opinion and he admits he believes John. Molly agrees to let them both out and says to wait for Lucy’s diversion.

Tracy drives AJ to the hospital. He thanks Liz for helping him but worries he won’t be able to function at work if the attacks continue. Liz mentions anti anxiety drugs. However, as a former alcoholic, AJ is concerned. Liz assures him that they’ll figure it out together and he’s not alone.

Kate wants to find Starr and remembers she was living with Trey. She remembers that she saw Trey’s medallion and realized he was her son and that’s what brought Connie to the surface. Olivia tells her that Joe Junior is dead but that she can’t see Trey. Kate wonders what Olivia isn’t telling her.

Lucy gets her hand on matches and talks an officer into removing her cuffs then creates the fire and in the confusion, manages to escape. Molly lets John and Rafe out and John promises to bring Sam and Danny home.