When Will Dylan Fix Sharon’s Plumbing on The Young and the Restless?


Sharon (Sharon Case) needed work done on her roof, but the contractor couldn't get to it soon enough. Who miraculously shows up at her door, but Dylan (Steve Burton)! I wonder how long it will be until she's unfastening his tool belt?

Is anyone else having a hard time accepting Neil (Kristoff St. John) being in charge of a fashion company? I can suspend my disbelief about a lot of fashion-related storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful, because, well, it’s The Bold and the Beautiful. However, I’m just not buying this Jabot Fashions  storyline yet.

Adam (Michael Muhney) saw Victor (Eric Braeden) talking to Mason (Lamon Archey) about messing with Sharon’s drugs. When Victor left, Adam confronted Mason, but didn’t believe his explanation. He fired Mason on the spot.

Lily (Christel Khalil) put Tyler (Redaric Williams) in his place. Tyler asked if it was Lily or Cane (Daniel Goddard) talking.

Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) made the Genoa City rounds. He confronted Leslie (Angell Conwell), then stopped by Victor’s penthouse to threaten him.

Adam popped up at Victor’s as well, telling his beloved father that he was on to him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea got help from Cane in preparing for her meeting with Neil. While, as I mentioned, I'm struggling with aspects of the fashion story, I do buy Chelsea as the aspiring artist. Go figure.