(SPOILERISH) Will Michael Lose Lauren to Carmine on The Young and the Restless?


Michael/Lauren: The Baldwins have a tough time getting things back to normal. Lauren decides to continue living at the GCAC to think things through, while Fen extends his stay with Kevin and Chloe.

Meanwhile, Michael gives up his D.A. gig, so he can win his woman back. Christine happily steps up and snags the role. Look for Lauren to start having feelings for Carmine when she keeps coming to him for a shoulder to lean on.

Victor/Nikki: Family and friends come together to witness The Black Knight and his lady love tie the knot.

Nick: He figures out Leslie is holding something back in regards to Avery's case.

Summer: Like mother, like daughter? Seems Nick and Phyllis' lil' girl is interested in an Abbott herself: Kyle!

Dylan: The war vet confides in Sharon.


The Fenmore heiress gets Carmine to keep mum on her dirty little secret.