General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Alexis is summoned to the police station, where Anna informs her Molly helped John, Rafe and Lucy escape.  Molly claims Lucy convinced her it was the right thing to do to save Rafe from Caleb. When Alexis asks about John, Molly admits she freed him because he swore he would find Sam and Danny.  Shawn wants to know where they were going, but Molly doesn’t know.  Shawn comments about TJ being hurt and upset with her.  Molly declares she did the right thing, and knows it’s better to have John out there looking for Sam and Danny. Alexis reluctantly agrees with her daughter.  

Scotty shows up at The Haunted Star to visit Lulu, and be snotty about Logan’s death. Lulu is not happy to see Scotty, and reminds him of exactly how the Logan situation went down. Scotty wants them to put it all behind them, especially now that they’re going to be family.  Lulu doesn’t believe Scotty when he says he and Laura are getting married.  

Tracy tells Luke about AJ’s panic attacks, and her plan to use them to have him tossed out as CEO.  Luke tells her that he ran into Laura.  Tracy’s shocked to hear Laura is engaged to Scotty.  Tracy tells Luke not to get involved, because Laura is a grown up who can take care of herself.  Luke feels Scotty is taking advantage, but Tracy reminds him it’s not his job to rescue Laura.  

Luke claims he’s over Laura, but is still shocked she moved on.  Luke brings up ice princess, and informs Tracy that Lulu received a replica of one. He originally believed it came from Helena. However, Luke now wonders if Scotty sent it. 

John, Rafe and Lucy end up in the professor’s office, hoping to find clues about Caleb. Rafe asks Lucy if Caleb is his father, but before she can answer, John finds a picture of the ring in a book. He quickly reads up about the Morley family.  Lucy mentions Caleb also went by the name Steven Clay.  John looks up the name and finds out Caleb went crazy after the death of his wife Livvie, and was institutionalized. However, he escaped and went on a killing spree.  Lucy worries he’s going to come looking for Rafe. 

John wants to anticipate Caleb’s next move.  Lucy brings up her dream about Caleb, and tells John she was at Windermere when it happened.   

Sonny arrives, as Kate is leaving to go visit Trey.  Sonny tells her that she can’t see him, but won't tell her why. Kate pushes the issue, and Sonny informs her Trey died. Kate doesn’t believe it, but Olivia and Sonny explain what happened the night of the accident. Kate can’t believe she killed her own son. 

Laura arrives at The Haunted Star, and admonishes Scotty for spilling the beans to Lulu. Lulu is shocked her mother would marry Scotty after what he did to both of them. Scotty swears it's all in the past, and leaves them alone to talk.  Lulu wonders what her mother is doing. 

Laura says she ran into Scotty in Paris, and it was nice to see a familiar face. They reconnected, and the rest is history.  Lulu wonders why her mother didn’t mention it the first day she arrived. Laura admits the engagement wasn’t official then, and she accepted his proposal after she was back in town.  Lulu questions if Laura’s decision was swayed in a certain direction because she saw Luke with Anna.  Laura feels she made the right decision. Lulu thinks her mother is using her inability to reconnect with Luke as the reason to marry Scotty.  

Scotty stops by the PCPD to see Lucy.  He runs into Anna, and they have a less than spectacular conversation. Scotty tells Alexis he's there to be Lucy's attorney, but Anna informs him Alexis is currently fulfilling the position. Scotty quickly figures out Lucy escaped.  Scotty mentions being engaged, and Anna is surprised to hear his fiancée is Laura.  Anna asks if he’s taking advantage of Laura’s mental instability, but Scotty denies it.  He brings up Anna’s current relationship with Luke, but Anna tells him it's over between her and Luke.  

Scotty returns to The Haunted Star, and swears to Lulu that his intentions are honorable. He asks if they can bury the hatchet.  Laura asks if Lulu can do it for her.  Lulu agrees, and shakes Scotty’s hand.  

Sam wakes up on the couch at Windermere.  Caleb welcomes her home.