General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sabrina accidentally bumps into Steve and spills water all over him.  Steve remembers Olivia’s vision of his shower with Sabrina, and wonders if her other vision of his untimely death will come true as well.  As he's thinking, Liz pays him a visit. Liz reassures him the visions are open to interpretation. She doesn’t think the vision necessarily means Steven will be stabbed.  

On the anniversary of Cole and Hope’s death, Starr brings flowers to the side of the road. Michael joins her, and the two discuss the crazy year they’ve had together. They make a wish on a falling star and leave together.  Unbeknownst to them, someone has been watching their every move. 

On the anniversary of Robin’s death, Patrick attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He admits times have been hard, but he has friends who support him.  Later on, he heads to the chapel and runs into Sabrina.  Sabrina explains that her mother, who died when she was a child, was a nurse and her hero.    Sabrina tells Patrick her father sent her to live with her cousins after her mother's death. She misses her mother, who always told her she could become anything if she followed her heart.  Patrick advises Sabrina to have faith in herself.  They both light a candle for Sabrina’s mother and Robin.  

Kate demands to know how Trey died, so Olivia and Sonny fill her in.  Kate is angry to learn Olivia and Sonny just let Connie take Trey off life support. Kate feels they should have waited until she came back, but Sonny says Trey’s organs saved others. He died a hero.  Kate reminds them Connie is just a symptom, not the real person. She’s also angry at how quickly she thinks Sonny jumped in Connie’s bed.  Sonny tries to explain, but Kate declares she’s finished with him.  

John decides to track Caleb to Windermere. Lucy wants to join him, since she’s a slayer, and Rafe wants retribution for his mother.  The three arm themselves with weapons from the professor’s office. 

Sam wakes up and begs Caleb to let her and Danny go.  She claims she isn’t Livvie, but Caleb doesn't listen. He needs her to remember she's Livvie Locke. Sam realizes Caleb has bitten her neck and drugged her. Caleb promises no harm will come to Danny, and he’ll accept her son if she accepts his.  Caleb informs Sam it takes three bites for her to remember, and shows her his fangs.  

Anna and her detective show up at the professor’s office, and discover the article on Steven Clay.  Anna realizes Caleb actually exists, but doesn’t understand why he looks like John.  She sees the weapons are missing, and knows the vampire slayer trio is armed.  

Lucy yells at Caleb to come out, which infuriates John because she’s given Caleb a chance to take off. Lucy feels Caleb’s presence, and knows he’s still there. However, when they burst into the room, Caleb and Sam are nowhere to be found. Luckily, Danny is still there.  The threesome wonders where Caleb would have taken Sam. Caleb and Sam are seen hiding in the tunnels.  

At the same time, Heather menacingly shows up at Olivia’s.