General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Caleb carries Sam through the tunnels at Windermere.  He informs her that he’ll be biting her another two times, and the third will return her memories of Livvie Locke. Sam begs him not to hurt her.

John remembers there are tunnels under Windermere, so he and Lucy decide to go after Caleb.  Rafe wants to join them, but John puts him in charge of watching Danny.  Before Lucy and John head off to the tunnels, Lucy gives Rafe a St. Michael medal to keep him safe.  When the two reach a fork in the tunnels, they split up.     

Liz jokingly stabs Steve with a pen, claiming Olivia’s vision has now come true. She feels he can now stop worrying he’ll die a violent death.  Liz wants him to focus on his upcoming wedding, and Steve asks her to be his best man.  Liz happily accepts. 

Heather and Olivia argue over who’s to blame for Heather’s failing relationship with Steve.   The two fight over the knife, and Heather manages to cut Olivia’s arm.  Steve arrives, and comes between the women. Suddenly, Heather stabs him in the stomach.  When the paramedics arrive, Heather runs off. 

TJ visits Molly at the PCPD.  He’s angry she would risk everything and break the law to help a kid she doesn’t know.  Molly says John and Lucy are going to find Sam and Danny, and begs TJ to understand that she would do anything for her family.  TJ apologizes, and she thanks him for the Valentine’s Day gift.  TJ tells Molly he cares about her, and doesn’t want to lose her. 

Kate goes to the scene of the car accident to try and remember what happened that night.  Sonny doesn’t think it will help, but is willing to stay with her like he promised.  Kate claims he broke his promise when he slept with Connie, an evil woman.   Kate feels Sonny abandoned her when she was sick. 

Sonny accuses Kate of leaving him, and vows he did everything to get Kate back. He points out he was grieving Jason, as well.  Kate offers her condolences for Jason, and reminds him that she didn’t choose to leave him. Sonny questions Kate's control over Connie. He thought Kate would come out when Trey died, but she let Connie deal with it.  Kate reiterates Connie was in control, and she has no power over when she comes out.  Sonny wants them to start over, but Kate needs to deal with Trey’s death and mourn alone first. 

AJ tells Liz about his visit with his new shrink.  He thanks her for pushing him to talk to someone, and admits he wants to discuss this with her.  He mentions his past, but Liz assures him he’s made mistakes, but also been a victim.  AJ is glad to have someone to talk to he can trust. 

Liz is shocked when paramedics wheel Steve in to General Hospital.  Olivia tells her Heather stabbed him. 

Rafe talks to Danny, and apologizes for allowing Heather to take him.   He hears a noise, and turns to find Heather staring him down.  

Sam wakes up again and finds herself in a wedding gown, tied up.  Caleb shows her a photo of his and Livvie’s wedding day. He tells her it’s time for her to say goodbye to this life.  Sam begs him not to kill her.  Caleb promises she’ll remember everything, and goes to bite her neck.  John arrives in the nick of time, and yells at him to take his hands off Sam.