General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Caleb isn’t happy to see John, and declares everything is happening as he planned. He vows to be reunited with Livvie, and force John to watch. John believes Caleb is actually Steven Clay, and not a vampire.  Caleb calls John delusional.  He tells Sam they will have their true life with their boys.  John and Caleb fight, but Caleb knocks John out cold. He ties him up, while promising Sam they will be together forever as soon as he kills John and bites her for the third time.  

Liz yells at the doctor in charge to operate on Steve right away.  The doctor heads off to perform surgery on Steve, and Olivia explains what happened in her apartment.  Liz wants to join the surgical team, but is refused.  AJ tells her to let the doctors do their job.  

Duke watches Tracy from the window, and sees her hide the necklace in a book.  He lets himself into the Quartermaine home, where Tracy promptly catches him. She demands to know why he’s broken into her house.  Duke claims he wants to discuss Anna and Luke’s relationship, since Tracy would have some insight.  Tracy tells him they’ve broken up, because Anna is in love with Duke.  Duke thanks and hugs her, and takes the necklace out of the book.  He asks to use her restroom, and puts the necklace back in the book when he returns. Once outside, Duke reveals a jar of Pickle Lila in his coat. 

Anna receives the call about Heather stabbing Steve, and sends officers out to find her.  Alexis arrives, anxious about getting Molly released.  She says she’s terrified for Sam, who’s now been missing for more than 24 hours.  Anna wants to help Alexis more, but has her hands full.

Anna swears Caleb wouldn’t hurt Sam if he thinks she is Livvie. Alexis couldn’t handle it if she lost her daughter.  Alexis quickly realizes what she’s said, and apologizes to Anna.  Alexis explains she didn’t raise Sam, and her father forced her to give Sam up.  Anna asks about Sam’s father, but Alexis gets a call about Molly and heads off.  

Lucy falls down and hits her head.  When she comes to, Alison’s ghost pays her a visit.  Lucy apologizes for failing her, but Alison promises she’s at peace with her husband. Lucy’s afraid she won’t be able to defeat Caleb and needs help.  Alison advises Lucy not to doubt herself.  Lucy prays for the way to Caleb. 

Heather shows up at Wyndermere, and tries to take the baby again. However, Rafe has no intention of giving her Danny this time.  Heather claims Danny is her son, and she needs him for a do over.  Rafe knows the baby is Sam’s, but Heather declares Sam an unfit mother. She quickly remembers that’s what people said about her.  Heather confesses she failed her son.  Rafe believes he failed his mother, and thought she was crazy. He feels she died because he couldn’t save her.  Heather apologizes, and hugs Rafe.  She decides she's not going to take Danny, because she’s not his mother.  Heather worries about Steve, and decides to pray. 

Liz heads to the chapel to light a candle.  AJ asks if there is anything he can do, and she asks him to sit with her.  AJ promises Steve won’t die. He thinks they should pray for Steve.

Sam prays for Caleb not to kill her and John. John wakes up and Caleb is ready to kill him, when Lucy arrives.

Olivia prays for Steve to be okay.  She tells Liz it was all her fault, but Liz blames Heather. AJ points out Olivia may have saved Steve by getting him to the hospital so quickly.  The doctor arrives with news. 

Anna talks to a photo of Robin, and has a hard time believing it’s been a year since her death.  She’s sorry she couldn’t save Robin, and prays to God to watch over her. Heather shows up at the station to turn herself in.