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Jill Gives Adriana The Evil Eye on The Young and the Restless

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Jill (Jess Walton) and Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) argued about Katherine hiring Adriana (Jhoanna Flores) as her personal assistant. When one of Jill’s pieces of jewelry went missing, she accused Adriana of taking it. I just love Katherine’s waves of dismissal. It makes me smile every time.  After Jill’s many years as the “outsider” and warring with Katherine, I wouldn’t mind Jill going after a new “outsider” like Adriana.

Abby (Marcy Rylan) walked in on Jack (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) “conferencing”, which put Phyllis on edge.  When they went to the Abbott mansion, Jack noticed something was bothering Phyllis. Naturally, he asked her what was wrong. Phyllis shared her feelings about the way Avery (Jessica Collins) and her family treated her.

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Michael (Christian LeBlanc) offered Cricket (Lauralee Bell) the job of Genoa City District Attorney, and then explained what was happening with Fen (Max Ehrich) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman). Later, Cricket visited Fen to attempt to help him understand what his dad was going through.

Speaking of Lauren, she and Carmine (Marco Dapper) sizzled in more scenes. Boy, are they hot together!