General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



The doctor informs Olivia and Liz that Steve’s surgery was touch and go for a while, but he pulled through just fine. Steve is in recovery, and the prognosis is good.  Liz hugs AJ and thanks him for being there for her. Dante visits the hospital to tell everyone Heather turned herself in, and resides in police custody.   

Lucy declares Caleb won’t hurt anyone anymore, and she plans to shoot him in the heart with her bow and arrow.  The two argue and Lucy fires, but Caleb catches the arrow in mid air.  He grabs for her with the intent to kill her, but John finally manages to untie himself before Caleb can harm Lucy. The two men fight over the arrow.  

Caleb is stabbed in the heart with the arrow and drops to the ground.  Lucy asks if he’s dead, and John doesn’t find a pulse.  John thanks Sam for distracting Caleb long enough for him to prevail.  John knows Sam saved his life.  Lucy asks if they believe her vampire story now.  John pulls the fangs out of Caleb’s mouth, and gives them to Lucy.  He believes Caleb simply lost his mind when his wife died.  John takes Sam out to safety, but Lucy wants to stay behind.  

Duke goes to Michael to give him the jar of relish, and explains how he managed to get it from Tracy.  Michael calls AJ to meet him at the apartment. 

Tracy thinks Monica is spying on her, so she can get her hands on the key.  Monica blames Tracy for the downfall of ELQ.  Tracy knows she can figure out the relish recipe, and mass-produce it.  When Tracy discovers the relish is missing, she claims AJ stole it.  Monica defends AJ, and Tracy remembers the only other person in the house was Duke.  Tracy doesn’t believe Duke had anything to do with stealing the relish.  Monica doesn’t like seeing Tracy torture herself, and advises her to admit defeat.  

Rafe sees ghost Alison, and asks her if Caleb is his father.  Alison admits he is, but promises Rafe is nothing like Caleb. She swears he is not alone, and fades away.  

Olivia sits by Steve’s bedside and prays for his recovery.  He wakes up, and she thanks him for saving her life. Steve says he has a lot to live for.  Liz stops by and tells him she loves him. She doesn’t know what she would have done without him.   Liz also tells Steve she had a friend to lean on during his surgery. 

Duke shows AJ the jar of relish, and asks if he wants it analyzed.  Starr offers her science services, claiming she knows how to analyze a sample.  The men agree, and AJ warns Duke to keep their business relationship a secret. 

Dante promises Olivia that Heather is in her cell.  Olivia talks about her visions, and how she can’t prevent them from happening. She points out they’ve all come true, except the dog one.  Dante reminds her the dog one did come true, because he appeared to Maxie. 

Steve promises Olivia he’ll take her visions seriously from now on.  Olivia wants to be his wife sooner rather than later, and suggests they get married right away.  

AJ calls Liz, and apologizes for leaving.  She tells him Steve is awake and talking. She also thanks him for his support.  

Tracy accuses AJ of stealing the relish, but AJ denies taking it.  

Sam is reunited with Danny, and thanks Rafe for taking care of him.  Rafe asks about Caleb, and John informs the young teen Caleb is dead.  

Lucy rants about not understanding what's just happened. She wonders why Caleb would need the fake teeth.  Lucy still thinks the ring is important and tries to remove it, but can’t.  She decides she’s had enough, and won’t spend one more day of her life thinking of vampires.  She declares her time as a vampire slayer is finished.  When she leaves, Caleb’s ring glows.