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Chelsea Plots to Keep Her Baby From Adam on The Young and the Restless

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Dylan (Steve Burton) realized Avery's (Jessica Collins) car had been tampered with. While the ever-so handyman, Avery and Nick (Joshua Morrow) were trying to put two and two together, Leslie (Angell Conwell) was explaining to Neil (Kristoff St. John) the truth about her secret identity.

Later, Nick (Joshua Morrow) went to his dad to find out what Congressman Wheeler's (Mark Pinter) involvement in the case might be. I wonder how much it hurt Victor (Eric Braeden) to admit Wheeler has something on him?

Neil confronted Wheeler, telling him to leave Leslie alone. Avery showed up at Jabot and demanded to know what Leslie knew about her brakes being cut.

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Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) continued to have flashbacks about seeing Adam (Michael Muhney) and Sharon (Sharon Case) together. She freaked out at the news Sharon was moving into the house with Adam. 

She told Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) she needed to know Adam loved her for the right reasons, not for the baby, and revealed she was considering leaving town. Chloe tried to convince Chelsea to stay.

Victor told Wheeler to get the hell out of Genoa City. Adam saw them talking, and later baited Victor.