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Will Lauren's Guilt Over [SPOILER] Destroy Her Marriage on The Young and the Restless?

Carmine/Lauren/Michael: The Baldwins marriage goes from rocky to plain rock bottom. While Michael and Fen are repairing their relationship, Lauren will be getting freaky sneaky with Carmine at the GCAC!


Look for Carmine to be on cloud nine, after getting into Ms. Fenmore's designer drawers. The clueless bartender assumes he and Lauren will start being a couple! Carmine, you know what they say about assuming…

Expect Lauren to burst his bubble, saying she made a huge mistake sweating up the sheets with him. I wanna know just how HUGE it was...

Post coitus, Lauren wants nothing more than to to save her family! Speaking of family, how will she react when Fen shows up at her room, begging Lauren to give his Pops another chance?

 Look for Lauren to discuss her marital woes with pal Phyllis. Lord knows that girl can speak on messing up marriages!

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