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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sabrina impatiently waits to hear the board’s decision regarding the death of the police officer, when Britt arrives with the letter.  Patrick questions why Britt is on crutches, and she claims she slipped.  Sabrina reads the letter, which states she is not responsible for the death. 

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Frisco runs into Maxie at the hospital, and wonders if she’s had any more trouble from Britt.  Maxie hasn’t, but is still worried Britt won’t keep her mouth shut about the baby.  Spinelli shows up, and Maxie makes the introductions.  Frisco is not amused by Spin mentioning he broke Maxie’s heart.  Spin counters that it’s hypocritical of Frisco to say anything to him about Maxie, considering his absence from Maxie’s life.  Maxie begs her father to back off. 

Duke visits with Felicia, and ignores Tracy’s many phone messages.  He admits to Felicia he borrowed something from Tracy, who wants it back.  Felicia tells Duke about Frisco being back in town, and wanting to get her back.  Felicia claims she wants to stay with Mac, and feels Frisco is stuck in the past.  Duke tells her that she needs to let Frisco know it’s over.  

Olivia arrives at the hospital in a wedding gown, determined to marry Steve today.  She explains she hired Maxie to coordinate it.  Liz points out Maxie’s less than stellar track record, and warns something always goes wrong. 

Starr needs an actual lab to test the relish, so she, Michael and AJ head to the hospital, where Ellie has just returned to work.  Ellie realizes they want to do a little reverse engineering, but declares the lab is for hospital use only.  Starr offers to help, and Ellie finally agrees. 

Tracy summons Spinelli to hire him to find her missing relish. She stresses AJ stole it.  Tracy wants Spin to get it back, and makes a comment about Duke.  Spin points out Duke works for ELQ, and Tracy realizes Duke stole the relish for AJ. 

Maxie spots Britt on crutches, and wonders if Frisco had anything to do with it.  Frisco denies it.  When Maxie heads off, Frisco confronts Britt, who accuses him of causing her accident.  She pleads with him to leave her alone, and swears she’s done with Maxie.  Frisco wants her to back off Sabrina as well. Britt informs him the committee cleared her, so Sabrina will be fine.  Frisco warns her about saying anything about Maxie’s baby, and Britt promises she won’t. 

Patrick sees Frisco and Britt talking, and wonders why Frisco was so angry.  Britt claims she was only telling him about Maxie’s pregnancy, and vows she’s not a threat to Sabrina.  Later, when the list of graduating nurses is posted, Sabrina’s name is not on it. Britt smirks in the background. 

Olivia asks Liz to stand up for both her and Steve at their wedding ceremony. Maxie arrives with Liz's dress, and spirits her off.  Sabrina comes in and offers her good wishes.  Steve explains to Olivia about the water spilling on him, thus fulfilling her previous shower vision. Sabrina swears she never had a crush on Steve, but someone else. She lied about the entire attraction. Olivia advises her to tell the person.

AJ is happy Michael has found someone special.  Michael says it’s his turn, as Liz walks by dressed up for the wedding.  Liz explains about the wedding.  AJ asks if she wants to do something sometime, and Liz wouldn't mind spending more time with him.

Duke meets with Tracy, who tells him AJ stole the relish. She offers to pay Duke a large sum of money to steal the relish back.  Duke goes to AJ and informs him of Tracy's deal proposal.

Frisco visits Felicia. Mac overhears Frisco invite Felicia to meet him at the Metro Court.  

Olivia and Steve say their vows.  Before the priest can declare them husband and wife, Memphis police officers arrive to arrest Steve.