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Are The Casts of Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful About to Do 'The Harlem Shake'?

Has the gauntlet been thrown down, in terms of which soap cast can best do "The Harlem Shake"? Following the cast of All My Children going viral with their version of the dance craze this week, comes buzz that the CBS Daytime actors may soon be shaking what their mamas gave 'em! Is it just me, or is daytime a lot more fun than it's been in a long, long time?


 Check out this tweet from the official CBS Daytime profile:

Just imagine Eric Braeden (Victor) or Hunter Tylo (Taylor) making it clap. I know Joshua Morrow has to have rhythm, with all that swagger Nick Newman is constantly displaying. They call him Dollar Bill, but would Don Diamont's dance movesmake anyone want to put dollars in his old Y&R Speedo? 

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Michael Muhney (Adam) seems like he would be able to get straight ethnic with the right beat.  In the words of Kay Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper): Dear god in heaven, I hope this happens!