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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The mayor rips Anna a new one for allowing a 15 year old to release three prisoners, who then killed a serial killer.  She’s worried about the PR nightmare.  Anna takes full responsibility for the incident, and hands over her badge and a resignation letter.  The mayor promptly rips up the letter, and says Anna quitting would reflect badly on her. The mayor is concerned about the public backlash following the release of the trio.

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Molly tells Kristina she’s glad she freed the prisoners, because they ended up saving Sam and Danny’s lives.  The two watch a press conference at the police station featuring Sam. Sam declares that if it weren’t for John, Lucy and Rafe, she and Danny would be dead. She promises to fight for them. 

Lucy thanks Sam for standing up for them. Rafe tells Lucy he saw his mother, and Lucy admits Alison came to her as well. Alison's ghost gave her hope and courage.  Rafe recalls his mother told him Caleb was his father. In response, Lucy tells him to honor his mother by believing he’s nothing like Caleb. 

Kristina wonders about Molly’s feelings for Rafe, but Molly refuses to directly answer her sister. She just wants everyone to go free, because she believes they are all innocent.

Felix celebrates graduating from nursing school, and is surprised to hear Sabrina didn’t. She decides she must have failed the final exam.  Felix is certain it’s a clerical error, and offers to talk to Epiphany on Sabrina’s behalf.  

Patrick confronts Britt on whether she had anything to do with Sabrina failing her exams. Britt denies doing anything to Sabrina’s exam.  Patrick warns Britt that if she had anything to do with this, he’ll make sure she’s the one not working at the hospital anymore.  

Liz and Olivia are shocked when Steve is arrested by Memphis Police for murder.  Liz is certain they have the wrong man.  The officer explains Maggie’s family didn’t believe she was the guilty party, and had her suicide note checked for forgery. The family's suspicions turned out to be true, and the forger admitted Heather was behind Maggie’s death.  The officer continues, and mentions some paperwork they found, which implicated Steven as the culprit. He will be extradited to Tennessee at once.  

Liz asks Steve if he killed his patient, and Steve admits he did. He won’t fight the charges.  Olivia wants to get Alexis on the case, but Steve says he had no right to kill the patient. He believes it lead to Maggie’s death.  Olivia begs Liz to convince Steve to defend himself, but Liz decides it's Steve’s decision.  Olivia wonders what will happen to them now. However, she still wants to get married.

Steve deduces he doesn’t want to start their marriage like this. He wants her to wait for him, while he serves his time.  Olivia is not willing to let him go.    

At the press conference, the mayor explains that Lucy, John and Rafe were all working in tandem with the police department. Through their joint effort, the group managed to rid the city of a serial killer. She declares the DA will not be pressing charges, but releasing the three.  

Anna apologizes to John for not knowing the difference between him and Caleb.  Lucy wonders why John and Sam look so much like Livvie and Caleb.  Anna just wants it all to be over.  Lucy wishes to see Caleb’s body.  

Felix returns from speaking with Epiphany, and tells Sabrina she passed the exam with flying colors. However, they believe she cheated.  

Molly visits Rafe at the police station, and thanks him for saving Sam and Danny.  He tells her about Caleb being his father, and how he has nowhere to go now.  John and Sam also wonder what will happen to Rafe. 

Anna brings Lucy to the morgue, and she views Caleb’s dead body.  She asks about his ring, which is not on his finger.  Anna figures someone must have taken it off, but Lucy is adamant it would have to be cut off. Anna promises to put in a report about it. Lucy acknowledges Caleb never existed, and Steven Clay was just a man. 

After their gone, the morgue attendant is shown lying on the gurney.  Caleb removes the ring from his pocket, puts it on and leaves.