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Will Signs Away His Rights on Days of Our Lives

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Nick (Blake Berris) cut to the chase and told Will (Chandler Massey) to sign the papers. Sami (Alison Sweeney) stopped Will, telling him she had something she needed to say to Nick in private. After she was alone with Nick, Sami told him she’d sign away all contact with the child if Will was able to keep his child. Nick didn’t believe Sami would stick to her promise, even if she put it in writing.

Will asked EJ (James Scott) if there was any way he could serve his time without dragging anyone else into it. Unfortunately, EJ only had bad news for Will. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) asked Will if he was willing to let a blackmailing murderer raise his child. Will signed away the rights to his child as his family watched. Later, EJ told Nick that he thought of Will as his son and Nick should be very careful when messing with his family. Nick replied by saying he wasn’t afraid of EJ.

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Sonny (Freddie Smith) tried to comfort his heartbroken boyfriend when they returned home. He told Will that he believed Nick plotted to get the child because Will is gay.

Abby (Kate Mansi) stumbled upon Cameron (Nathan Owens) who was changing clothes. He saw that she was upset about something and asked her to tell him what was going on.  She shared what had happened with Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin).

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) told Daniel (Shawn Christian) they needed to take a break, because he wasn’t willing to have no contact with Chloe. He wasn’t happy with Jennifer’s ultimatum. She said she didn’t want to give up on him, but she needed him to draw a line in the sand with Chloe.

I loved seeing Nancy (Patrika Darbo) again. I’ve always enjoyed it when she’s on Days of Our Lives.

Gabi (Camila Banus) wanted to know why Rafe (Galen Gering) was “defending” Kate (Lauren Koslow). Nick returned to Gabi’s room, happy about what he’d done. He revealed he wanted to marry her as soon as possible.