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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Heather and Todd are waiting together at the PCPD.  Todd confesses he didn’t think being thrown in the harbor was a nice way for anyone to die. Therefore, he was surprised to hear she stabbed her own son.  Heather calls it an accident, and takes full responsibility for her actions.  Heather tells Todd the District Attorney asked her to testify against him, and admit they were partners in crime. 

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Todd’s not happy about the DA's proposal, until Heather informs him she took the heat for the Ferncliff escape and refused to testify against him. She points out there isn’t much evidence against him in Danny’s kidnapping other than Johnny’s goons who witnessed it. Heather tells Todd to talk to Johnny about getting his goons to back off.  Todd doesn’t think Johnny will do him any favors because of Carly. Heather mentions Carly is nowhere to be found, so why wouldn’t Johnny help.  

Kate is surprised to see Olivia returning so soon, and wonders about the wedding.  Olivia explains what happened during her wedding. Olivia admits she was never pining for a big wedding, but was hoping this would be her happy ending.  Kate has Trey's backpack and talks about discovering how Trey spent the past few months.  She opens his backpack to find a book on California, a picture of Trey and Kristina and some Crimson articles. 

Kate thanks Olivia for being in her life.  Olivia reminds her that she has Sonny, too. She believes the two of them need to talk.  Kate never thought about what Sonny went through while she was gone.  Olivia wants her to give Sonny a second chance.  Kate tells her to do the same for Steve.  

Dante stops by Steve’s room expecting to see the happy couple after their marriage.  When it's just Steve in the room, he updates Dante on the latest happenings. Dante commends Steve on accepting the consequences of his actions, but worries about his mother being alone again.  

Carly visits Sonny and he informs her Kate is back. Carly wonders why he’s not with Kate.  Sonny admits he slept with Connie, and Carly accuses him of betraying Kate’s trust. She also calls him a liar.  Sonny believes he never lied, and Carly admits she was talking about her and Todd.  The two argue about who has the worst love life, and Sonny can’t judge either man in Carly’s life.  They stop bickering, and Carly asks him what he’s going to do.  

Sabrina questions Epiphany about her tests, and the head nurse admits Sabrina received a perfect score, which has never happened before. However, Epiphany received an anonymous email that stated Sabrina had the test answers in advance. Pif did a search, and found them in Sabrina’s locker.  Sabrina is shocked, and claims she never had the answers. Sabrina’s pleas fall on deaf ears, because Pif kicks her out of the hospital.  Patrick tells Pif that he believes Britt framed Sabrina.  Pif says there is no proof, and Sabrina accepts the defeat.

Sabrina picks up her stuff, including her mother’s stethoscope, and decides to confront Epiphany.  Pif asks how can she prove her innocence. Sabrina volunteers to take the test again right now. If she gets even one question wrong, Epiphany can throw her out. She refuses to be a doormat anymore.  Patrick’s glad she stood up for herself.  Sabrina thanks him for standing by her. 

While Sabrina prepares for the test, Pif tells Patrick she was disappointed to think Sabrina had cheated.  She also tells him Britt isn’t the right woman for him. Epiphany knows he needs someone with a big heart.

Todd is surprised by Heather’s idea to reach out to Johnny.  She admits since she hurt Steve, all she wants is the ability to let him know how much she loves him.  Todd yells to the guards that he wants to call his lawyer, and then gives Heather the phone. 

Heather calls Steve, and is relieved he’s okay. She wishes she could undo what she did.  Heather wants him to be happy and live his life with Olivia.  Heather thanks Todd for the call. Before she’s taken away, she wishes him luck with his trial and Carly.  

Olivia returns to Steve’s room and apologizes for walking out.  She has accepted what’s going to happen, and still loves him. Olivia doesn’t want to say goodbye.  

Todd calls Diane to talk to Johnny about getting the goons to tell a different story.

Kate shows up at Sonny’s.