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Wishful Casting: Brandon Barash as Lauren's Son Scotty on The Young and the Restless!

Okay, we're all thinking it. How long will it be before The Young and the Restless showrunner Jill Farren Phelps makes a play for exiting General Hospital star Brandon Barash? Barash is one of the sexiest and most popular stars currently part of the daytime landscape; somebody better snap him up!


Barash would prove a great recast for Scotty Grainger, the writer son of Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey Bregman) and the late Dr. Scott Grainger (Peter Barton). When we last saw Scotty (a pre-The Lying Game Blair Redford), he was being used as a pawn in one of Sheila Carter's (Kimberlin Brown) lethal plots against his mother. 

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More recently, Lauren sent her and Michael Baldwin's (Christian LeBlanc) son Fenmore (Max Ehrich) to live with his big brother, when Sheila's daughter Daisy (Yvonne Zima) was tormenting the clan. With the Fenmore-Baldwins once again in crisis, now is the perfect time for Lauren's eldest son to come home!

What if, like many aspiring novelists, Scotty went into copywriting to maintain steady employment? Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) could hire him to develop marketing copy for the new Jabot fashion line, putting him in close proximity with Lauren's spunky sister-in-law Chloe Fisher (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Kevin's (Greg Rikaart) self-esteem has taken a beating ever since his eCommerce scheme Tag-n-Grab went bust. How would he react if all of the sudden his breadwinner wife is working late hours with a hunky, successful marketing whiz. Can you say drama?


Lauren will need support if and when her torrid affair with bartender Carmine (Marco Dapper) is exposed. Plus, Scotty's Aunt Christine (Lauralee Bell) needs something to focus on, besides seeking vengeance against Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) over a decade's old fender bender. Speaking of Phyllis, just close your eyes for a second and imagine a love scene between The Staff and Barash. Do I need to say, er, blog more?