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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate and Sonny apologize to each other for their previous argument.  Kate confesses she made it easy for Connie to take over.  Sonny swears she won’t lose him, and once again expresses his regret for betraying her with Connie.  Kate wonders if he wants her or Connie.   Sonny admits he saw a different side to Connie, but wants to put everything behind them. He asks if Kate will come back to him, and Kate agrees because she loves him.  The two make love. 

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Tracy wants an update on Spinelli’s search for the missing relish. He tells her he’s working on it, and checks in on Ellie at the hospital. She informs him she has an outside project, and shows him the jar of relish.  Ellie explains AJ hired her to perform tests on the relish to determine the recipe.  Spin asks when she’ll have the results.

Felicia updates Kevin on Lucy's recent freedom, and thinks he should take his place by her side.  Kevin balks, but Mac believes they had an unbelievable bond.  Felicia tries to ignore Frisco’s texts, but finally decides to meet with him. She leaves and tells Mac she’s meeting a friend.  Mac complains to Kevin that Felicia lied to him. He knows she’s meeting Frisco.

Mac explains to Kevin that Felicia has been acting squirrelly since Frisco’s return. Frisco wants Felicia back, and Mac feels Felicia is falling for his act.  Kevin thinks Mac should do something about it, but Mac wants Felicia to choose him on her own accord.   

Frisco and Anna are thrilled to run into each other.  He offers her condolences for Robin, and happiness that Duke is back in her life.  Anna confides in Frisco she still sees Faison when looking at Duke sometimes.  

Lucy returns to the Quartermaine mansion and reminds Tracy she’s co-CEO of ELQ. Tracy informs her that AJ is ELQ's newest head honcho. However, she has a plan to get the company back, thanks to the relish.  

Laura mentions Anna being Luke’s girlfriend, and Scotty doesn’t correct her despite knowing the truth.  Luke shows up, angry with Scotty because he thinks Scotty sent the Ice Princess replica to Lulu.  Laura feels certain Helena was behind the recent Ice Princess sighting, but Luke is sure it was Scotty. Luke knows Scotty still holds a grudge against their family.

Scotty assures Luke he and Lulu have put the past behind them, and Laura believes in Scotty’s innocence.  Scotty thinks Luke is simply angry Laura has moved on with him. Luke warns Scotty away from Lulu before storming off.  Laura berates Scotty for goading Luke, since Luke is now with Anna.  Again, Scotty doesn’t dispute Laura's accusation. 

Duke joins Anna for lunch.  She complains about her day, and how the mayor should have accepted her resignation.  Anna’s upset she can’t trust her judgment.  Duke tells Anna she’s a wonderful role model, and a born leader.  He gives her a gift, a heart pendant.  Anna, at first, declines it thinking it’s too expensive. However, Duke remembers the suitcase of money from Tracy, and assures her he can afford it.  

Felicia meets with Frisco and informs him that he can’t expect her to drop everything and run off with him.  Frisco feels things are different, and they will always have something between them. Several flashbacks from the couple's past are shown.  Frisco mentions he hasn’t forgotten the bad times, and knows today is Georgie’s birthday. Felicia is surprised he remembered.  Frisco knows he should have never left, and admits not wanting to return to face his past.  He wonders if he had been here, if Georgie would have died. Frisco can’t make up for lost time, but wants to spend time with Felicia and Maxie. Before he leaves, he gives her a gift. It's a pendant that reminds her of one from their past.  Felicia bursts into tears. 

Lucy finds Kevin at The Floating Rib, and confesses she made a mistake with the vampire fiasco. She swears she is truly, madly and deeply in love with him. Lucy continues on and on, and Kevin tells her to shut up and kiss him.

Luke goes to Tracy to complain about Scotty. Tracy reminds Luke he has no proof Scotty is behind the Ice Princess. She points out Luke doesn’t think clearly when Laura is around.  

Laura is shocked, and thinks Anna is cheating on Luke. She thinks for a bit, and then wonders if Luke and Anna are actually together. 

Duke puts the necklace on Anna.  He tells her he wants a future with her.  The two kiss, as Scotty and Laura arrive and see the embrace.  Duke pays the bill, but the busboy informs him the bills are counterfeit.  

Kate wakes up in bed with Sonny and feels out of place.  She hears her name being called, and walks around the house.  Kate turns to the mirror and sees Connie, or another alter looking back at her.