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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy complains to Luke about Duke stealing the relish, but explains she gave him fake money as a little payback.  Luke doesn’t think she made a wise decision, especially with the SEC breathing down her neck.  Tracy only cares about her missing relish.  Tracy changes the subject to Laura, and Luke feels Laura needs to know Scotty’s playing her. Tracy doesn’t understand Luke’s need to save Laura, but Luke vows he would be there for Tracy if she needed him as well.  

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Anna’s shocked to hear Duke’s money is counterfeit.  Duke swears he wouldn’t use forged bills, and confesses they came from Tracy.  He explains the entire Pickle Lila situation to Anna. Anna points out Duke was breaking and entering.  Duke decides to confront Tracy, and Anna joins him. 

Scotty assures Laura that Anna and Luke are still together. Laura is not pleased Anna is cheating on Luke.  She feels she has to tell Luke the truth.  Scott says it isn’t their business, and advises her not to say anything.  Laura agrees, but when Scotty heads to the shower, Laura heads out.  

Connie accuses Kate of stealing her life and man.  Kate points out Connie hates Sonny, but Connie admits things changed due to Trey's death. Connie informs Kate that she had a psychiatrist prove Kate is the alter. Kate gets angry and throws a paperweight. The mirror shatters, and Connie disappears.  Kate heads back upstairs to Sonny. 

At the police station, Molly worries about what’s going to happen to Rafe.  John tells her they’re trying to set up a foster home for him. However, in the meantime, Rafe will go to a group home.  Molly wants Rafe to come home with them, but Alexis says they have to follow the rules. She also points out it would upset TJ.  Molly promises Rafe all will be fine, and he thanks her for her support.  

John decides to wait with Rafe.  The social service woman comes for Rafe, who thanks John for his help.  

TJ complains to Shawn about Molly being too invested in Rafe.  Shawn assures him everything will work out. When Molly arrives, TJ can tell something is wrong with her. He promises she can trust him with whatever is bothering her.  Molly admits she’s worried about Rafe being alone.  In turn, TJ tells her about Kate’s return, which thrills Molly. 

Laura shows up at the mansion to talk to Luke.  Before she has a chance, Anna and Duke arrive.  Tracy’s upset by all the people in her home, and Duke doesn't make things any better. He throws the fake money at her, and claims he wants to press charges.  Tracy wants Duke charged with breaking and entering, and theft.  Anna decides she needs to arrest both Tracy and Duke, unless they mutually decide not to pursue this further. 

Scotty arrives and asks to speak with Laura. Laura obliges, and Scotty tells her he thought they had decided not to get involved in Luke and Anna's relationship. He orders Laura to leave with him.  Back at the hotel, Laura hopes she did the right thing in not saying anything.  Scott reminds Laura she doesn’t have to pick up after Luke anymore. He feels they need to focus on their wedding.  

Anna tells Duke they can’t be together, because it will end up being a conflict of interest. She can’t turn a blind eye to his law breaking because, she’ll lose her job and self respect. Duke doesn’t understand, but Anna stresses she doesn’t want to go down this road again.