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Nick Admits The Bigoted Truth to Will on Days of Our Lives

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Will (Chandler Massey) insisted to Sonny (Freddie Smith) that Nick (Blake Berris) didn't forced him to give up his rights because he was gay. If that were true, it means he signed over his daughter to a bigot, Will insisted. I am pretty sure Will realized Sonny was right, but he just hadn’t come to terms with it.

I really do not like Will’s “throw in the towel” attitude. This is Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas’ (Bryan Dattilo) son. The boy has generations of scheming in his DNA and all he can do is roll over and play dead? Rolling over is great when he's in bed with Sonny, but not when he's battling a bigot for his own child. 

Will asked Nick if he went for the child because he is gay. Nick said yes. At least Will got the truth. Maybe now he’ll find a pair of balls? 

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Sami went to Eric (Greg Vaughan) for advice. She told him she felt that everyone was ganging up against her and Will. It's nice to see the soap playing the twins' dynamic.

EJ (James Scott) talked to Kristen (Eileen Davidson) about Sami's family dramas. His sister reminded him that DiMeras have options other people didn’t. He said he’d considered them. I really dig EJ and Kristen’s sibling scenes.

Rafe (Galen Gering) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) were in bed when he got a text from Gabi (Camila Banus). Kate encouraged him to go see her.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Abe (James Reynolds) talked with Eric about his prison ministry.

Kristen tried to convince Chad (Casey Deidrick) that he should move into the DiMera mansion.

Later, Sami and EJ made hot, steaming love.