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Slutty Brooke Strips Down For Bill’s “Market Research” on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill (Don Diamont) continued their scheming and plotting to get Brooke back in the CEO saddle at Forrester Creations. He showed Brooke a clip of her from back in her BelieF days.

Somehow, I’m not still not exactly sure how or why, the whole topic resulted in Brooke stripping down to her panties. Bill claimed it was “market research." Isn’t Brooke the one who is claiming Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is manipulative? By the way, shouldn’t Brooke be at least a little bit concerned that Bill is stalking her on the web?

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Meanwhile, Forrester’s new matriarch got a visit from her daughter Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). They didn’t talk about anything all that interesting.

Hope (Kim Matula) and Liam (Scott Clifton) had an awkward meeting at Forrester Creations. Hope asked Liam to marry Steffy before the baby was born. A shocked Liam asked why, to which she responded that it was the right thing to do for the baby and him. Shouldn’t an heiress o af fashion dynasty living in Los Angeles be a bit more progressive? 

Maya (Karla Mosley) asked Rick (Jacob Young) to help her with something. He followed her home, where she revealed she dreamed of one day living in a mansion in Beverly Hills. Foreshadowing?

She asked him to help her with some unpacking, which he gladly did.  However, when she tried to pay him $10, so he could have something good to eat, he declined. Instead his payment was kissing her on the cheek.