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SPOILERS: Will Victor and Nikki Finally Say "I Do" on The Young and The Restless?


Victor/Nikki: The lovebirds have family and friends head out to the ranch for the wedding. Adam must’ve missed the memo when they said loved ones only, because he crashes the affair. Victor is livid and files a restraining order against him!

Nikki passes out and is rushed to the hospital. Victor decides he and his ladylove will have their wedding come hell or high water, and has the wedding held in the hospital! Look for Sheryl Underwood from The Talk to act as the Justice of the Peace.

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Ashley: She returns to Genoa City with some words of warning for Phyllis regarding her big brother Jack.

Phyllis/Summer: Red catches her little girl in a provocative position.

Chelsea: Lord in the morning, what is going on in this girl’s mind? Due to Chelsea’s insecurities regarding Adam and Sharon, she and good buddy Chloe hatch a scheme to get Chelsea a fake baby daddy! At first, Chelsea isn't too keen on the idea, but changes her mind when she spots Adam and Sharon together.

Chelsea starts to think about Adam and Sharon raising her child together, and is not amused by the possibility. Who is Chelsea’s first pick? CANE! She sees how great of a father he is with the twins, and considers him an awesome friend. However, she doesn’t want to bust up his marriage to Lily (Girl, do it!). Ultimately, Chelsea puts the kibosh on Cane as her option.

Later, Chelsea has some car trouble and receives help in the form of Dylan. While Dylan helps out the mommy-to-be, Chelsea starts to have a mini crying fest due to hormones. Dylan comforts her. A bit of chemistry between the two takes place. Will Dylan be Chelsea’s faux baby daddy?

Dylan: The mystery man fills in Sharon on some of his past.