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Chloe and Nicole Need to Take Their Show on The Road on DAYS

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Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) called Nicole (Arianne Zucker) out concerning why the blonde is really working at the church. The frenemies commiserated about how hard it is to get Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) out of Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) life. I loved Nicole and Chloe’s banter. They’re almost good enough to make a comedy routine out of it.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) had some REALLY hot,  angry grief sex. Sami was in rage-filled tears over what Nick had done to Will. Combined with EJ’s passion, Sami's turmoil made for good soap sex.

During EJ’s grinding and thrusting, she asked him to get rid of Nick. When he clarified if she wanted Nick dead, it made them even hornier! Who knew talk of murder could get a couple so hot and bothered? 

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Sami came to her senses, and told EJ they couldn’t kill Nick. He asked her if she could live with Nick dying ,if it was the only way to keep him from hurting Will ever again.

Watching the episode, I couldn’t help speculate at the groundwork being laid. Nick (Blake Berris) forced everyone to keep his manipulations secret from the rest of Salem. If Nick ends up dead, we could end up with a murder mystery where everyone “in the know” suspects someone in that small group of killing him.

Will grappled with the revelation that Nick wanted him out of his daughter’s life because he's gay. Nick showed absolutely no remorse for what he’d done.  Nick said he didn’t hate Will, but he had to protect the baby for Gabi. Berris and  Massey were on fire during Wednesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives.

Eric (Greg Vaughan) had his first meeting with Vargas (Sean Douglas). The priest explained his goal was to help him make the transition to the outside. Wonder how happy Nick will be to learn Vargas is being groomed for a life on the outside?