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CBS Daytime Boss Angelica McDaniel Reveals How She Turned Her Daypart Around

Not very long ago, CBS Daytime appeared to be a big, expensive, luxury liner headed straight for an iceberg. Lucky for fans of soaps, talk shows and old school gamers, Angelica McDaniel stepped in to steer the Tiffany Network's daytime lineup to calmer, more lucrative waters.


In a new interview with Xfinity's Sara Bibel, the CBS Daytime V.P. goes in depth on how she managed to find the cross-promotional balance that has her five series all achieving ratings growth.

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Here's an excerpt:

Why do you think soaps are growing now? They were written off for dead a year ago.

There’s a lot of different reasons. But one of them is I think that four is actually a really good number. There were times when there were 17 soaps on television. Obviously that was a few decades ago but at CBS we always say we have a good balance of talk, drama and game. You can’t just weight too much on one genre of the other. You have to create balance. For us, we found that balance. We also have great stories that we’re telling. “The Bold and the Beautiful,” when everybody was saying, “dramas are dying,” Bold was increasing. They’ve been doing it for over a year now so it’s really great to see Y&R and all the other soaps on the other networks starting to find their rhythm and finds what’s working and goes viral.

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Photo credit: CBS