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General Hospital Ball Buster Jane Elliot Talks 50th Anniversary!

What's going to happen at this year's Nurses Ball on General Hospital? Don't ask Jane Elliot. The scene stealer spoke with to discuss ABC's lone soap's 50th anniversary and what fans can expect. Warning, La Elliot seriously doesn't have much spoiler tea, because Frank Valentini has scoopage on LOCK!


Access: How exciting is the birthday stuff, the storylines and the Nurses’ Ball? What can you tease about that?

Jane: I can’t because it’s so hush-hush. I mean, I know that there [are] probably a dozen surprises of people coming back and I don’t know what they are because Frank [Valentini, ‘GH’s’ executive producer] has coded everybody’s name… If you call the call line, it’s the code name that’s getting called, so you literally don’t know who that person is until you’re standing on stage acting with them. One of the things that I like most about [Frank] is he believes in surprising the audience, he believes in not tipping your hand beforehand because it doesn’t give you a reason to tune back in… Frank does not want people to know what’s going to happen. He wants people to be surprised and there are some fabulous surprises coming.

Elliot also discussed how special the 50th anniversary of GH is to her personally.

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Access: What does the 50th mean to you? You’ve been in and out of the soap since the late 1970s.

Jane: It’s such a privilege to be part of something for such a long time. It is the only place in the industry that you can do something like this unless you’re Rod Stewart and you do your 97th album. But to go back in and play the same part and work with a lot of the same actors and work with a lot of the same crew, and have that kind of continuity? I’ve come in and out, and in and out, and in and out like four times, and I’ve lived other lives and I’ve gotten married and divorced and raised children and been on other shows… I have gotten to live this full, rich life, with this being the constant in my life… That I was lucky enough to be hired to play a part that would have this kind of longevity is miraculous, because we all know, thousands of characters and thousands of actors have come and gone on ‘General Hospital’… So to have this character and this family to stay relevant over all of these years, and to give me a place to come home to is, unparalleled in show business, truly — that I get to be 66 years old and I’m a working actress and I raised two children on acting money alone. And most of it was ‘General Hospital’ money.

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