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Steffy Accepts Liam’s Lackluster Marriage Proposal on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Liam (Scott Clifton) told Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) he wanted them to marry before their baby arrived. It didn’t start out as the most romantic of proposals, but by the end of the episode, Liam was down on one knee. Steffy only accepted Liam’s proposal, after he convinced her he was absolutely sure he wanted to do it because he loved her.

An ever-meddling Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) wasn't happy when Hope (Kim Matula) revealed she told Liam to marry Liam. When Hope told her she needed to move on, Brooke said she could help her with that. Since when? Brooke has been more obsessed with Liam than Hope has.

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Liam is so spineless he can’t even make up his mind about marrying one woman without being told to do it by another! It is pathetic. What’s even more sad is that Steffy found his proposal to be romantic. Oy...

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