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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sabrina finds Liz crying, and asks what’s wrong. She is shocked to hear about Steve going to a Memphis prison. Liz is just glad the lying is over. She advises Sabrina to speak with Patrick and confess her feelings for him. Sabrina assures Liz she and Patrick are just friends. She doesn't want to lose their friendship if Patrick doesn’t return the feelings. Liz tells her about lunch with AJ, and her insecurities about trusting him. Sabrina asks Liz if AJ is worth the risk, and Liz decides to go ahead with the date.  

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Tracy pushes Spinelli to get the relish recipe.  He tells her AJ is using a lab tech, who happens to be his girlfriend. Spin doesn’t want to jeopardize their relationship.  Tracy informs him that she owns the building where his office is located. She threatens to toss him out if he doesn’t do as she asks. 

Starr is distracted from her work with Elle because of Todd’s trial. She worries her father will be locked up forever. Elle gets her back on track, and they continue working.  The duo tastes a batch, but realize there is a missing ingredient. 

Michael visits Carly at the Metro Court, and calls her out on being upset about Todd’s trial.  Carly assures him that she no longer cares about Todd, and doesn’t want to deal with bad men anymore.   AJ arrives and starts arguing with Carly, until Michael stops them. Michael leaves, and AJ continues speaking with Carly.  

AJ wants to know the identity of the mystery Quartermaine heir.  Carly asks why he cares, since he’s already beaten Tracy.  AJ tells Carly he wants a backup plan.  He gets a text from Liz about the date, and asks Carly for a reservation.  He informs her the date is with Liz.  Carly warns him part of Liz’s heart is with Lucky, and the other half with Jason.   

Sonny wakes up, thankful to be with Kate.  Kate asks if he has real feelings for Connie, but Sonny doesn’t want to talk about it.  He offers to make her breakfast, and they head downstairs. Sonny is shocked to find the broken mirror.  Kate pretends to be surprised, and blames Max and Milo.  Sonny talks about getting her treatment, and Kate assures him that she will find a therapist.  

When Sonny leaves, Kate grabs a piece of the mirror and hears a voice. She turns to the mirror and it is revealed Kate is inside the mirror, while Connie is outside. Connie has taken over again. Connie declares she’s here to stay, and will make Sonny pay for cheating on her with Kate.  

At the courthouse, reporters swarm Todd. After Diane states he doesn't have a comment, Todd professes his love for Carly. Diane quickly drags him inside the courtroom.  Diane breaks the news to him that Johnny didn’t agree to call off his goons.  

The trial begins. The DA calls Heather to the stand, and she testifies that she acted alone in the baby switch. Heather completely exonerates Todd from having anything to do with the crime. Next, the DA calls Johnny’s goon to the stand, and he testifies Todd was outside when Heather did the switch. He recalls Todd only became involved when Johnny brought him in on the scheme.  Diane asks for a dismissal of all charges against Todd in the baby kidnapping.  

Michael stops by the hospital to take Starr to the courthouse, as Ellie discovers what's missing in the relish. Spin shows up, and she tells him she’s figured out the recipe. 

Ellie briefly leaves Spin alone in the lab. She returns, just as AJ arrives for an update on her progress. When Elle tries to show AJ the recipe, she can't find it. At the Quartermaine Mansion, Spinelli shows up with the recipe.  

Michael and Starr arrive at the courthouse in time to hear Todd is a free man.

Carly sees the video of Todd declaring his love.  She turns to find Todd standing before her.