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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly is shocked to see Todd standing in front of her. She thought he was locked away in jail. Todd explains how Heather and Johnny’s associate changed their story, so he's a free man. He’s ready to be with her.  Carly reminds Todd he lied to her, but Todd claims they love each other.  Carly denies her feelings for Todd, and feels gullible for falling for his lies.  Todd admits she taught him how to be friends. He promises Carly that if she takes a chance on him, she won’t regret it.  

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Todd is sorry he screwed everything up between them before it started. He wants to spend his life with her.  Carly informs Todd he’s wasting her time, because she's not interested. Carly tells Todd being with him hurts.  Todd asks her to take the risk, but Carly lies and says she’s moved on with someone else.  

Ellie explains to AJ she had the paper with the recipe on it in the lab when Spinelli dropped by to see her.  AJ’s not happy to hear she told Spin the truth about her work, and thinks Spin stole the formula for Tracy.  Ellie doesn’t believe Spin would steal the paper, and is certain she just misplaced it.  AJ asks her to recreate it, but Ellie admits she can’t.  

Tracy wants Spin to hand over the formula, but Spin's conscience gets the best of him. At the last second, he refuses to betray Ellie. Tracy calls Alice to help her force Spin into giving it up.  In response, Spin shoves the paper into his mouth and swallows it.  

Liz and Felix continue to convince Sabrina to tell Patrick the truth about her feelings. When Patrick arrives, Sabrina starts to say something, but Epiphany shows up with the exam results. Sabrina celebrates her passing grade, and Pif promises to find whoever tried to frame her.  Liz and Felix remind her to talk to Patrick. 

Connie visits Olivia’s place only to find her crying over Steve.  Connie complains about Sonny, which surprises Olivia. She thought the two of them had worked things out. Connie covers and continues to pretend she’s Kate. 

Shawn, Molly and TJ stop by Sonny’s to ask Kate to change the book back into Molly’s name.  Sonny agrees Molly should be given credit.  Sonny promises to call Kate. Molly’s thrilled so many people are helping her, but begins to worry about Rafe again.  TJ assures her everything will work out. 

Spinelli returns to the lab, and confesses to Ellie he took the formula. However, he wasn’t able to give it to Tracy.  Spin begs her forgiveness, but informs her that he can’t give it back to her.  

Sonny calls Kate about the launch party for Molly’s book.  Connie promises to help rectify the situation, and then agrees to set up an appointment with the psychiatrist. Shawn asks what happened to the mirror, but Sonny isn’t sure.  

Patrick congratulates Sabrina for passing the test.  Sabrina finds the courage to tell Patrick her crush was never on Steve, but on him.

Todd doesn’t believe Carly has a new man.  When AJ arrives, Carly names him as her new man.  AJ walks over to see what’s happening, and Carly pulls him in for a kiss.