Pam Adds The Lemon Meringue to a Taylor/Eric Cream Pie on Bold and Beautiful


Having lunatic Pam (Alley Mills) once again on the loose is one surefire way to keep viewers tuning in to The Bold and the Beautiful. I have to admit, B&B was the first soap I watched yesterday. I had to find out if Pam would actually go after Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Eric (John McCook) with that knife! 

The entire scene was straight out of a B horror movie, yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Taylor’s blood-curdling scream was one part hilarious and one part terrible. When Pam jumped into the bed with Taylor and Eric, let's just say that's a three-way I never imagined on a soap. 

Rick (Jacob Young) continued his community service, which doesn't bothers him one bit,  since Maya (Karla Mosley) has caught his eye. He even begged off on plans with a newly-bitchy Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) again to hang with Maya. Although their relationship feels a bit contrived, I have to say I am falling for Rick and Maya.

Rick likes that Maya treats him like a “regular guy”, which of course means him not telling her about being the scion of a billion dollar fashion dynasty will eventually prove quite the obstacle for this couple.