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The Following Recap: "Welcome Home"

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On this week’s The Following Joey awoke at Maniac Mansion with his father staring at him because that’s not creepy at all. Joe (James Purefoy) seemed touched to be in the same room with his son finally. He tried bonding with Joey, but was met with the silent treatment. Joe apologized for Claire’s absence, and promised to bring his mommy there.  Emma (Valorie Curry) insisted Joey would come around once he knew Joe better.

Agent Donovan (Mike Colter) was put in charge of overseeing the Joe Carroll case, probably because the FBI was embarrassed at the ineptitude of their colleagues thus far.  He made it clear he wasn’t a fan of Ryan’s (Kevin Bacon) free range (and torturing of suspects), since he’s only supposed to be a consultant. The fact the Donovan was doing his job, pissed everybody off.  Ryan sulked, and made sure to give a lot of sass. 

Yes, friends, Sassy Ryan was back!  And. It. Was. Glorious.  Ryan was especially sassy after Donovan was forced to bring him in on the questioning of the follower arrested last week.  He threw zingers back and forth with the follower, David, but never got any useful information from him.  Within a few minutes of interrogation, the follower was swallowing a cyanide pill he’d embedded under the flesh of his hand CIA-during-the-Cold-War-style.  After taking a huge bite out of his thumb, the follower started vomiting dark blood instantaneously.  It was very graphic and disgusting.  In other words, thrilling TV!


Ryan refused to take a back seat, and later had Mike (Shawn Ashmore) hack Donovan’s emails to see what he was keeping from him.  This lead to Mike being suspended and sent home, about three seconds later.  Yup, Donovan’s already more efficient than every agent we’ve met.  Maybe there is hope for finding little Joey?

Mike’s day went from bad to worse. Upon returning to his hotel he got really paranoid someone was targeting him.  On this show, you can’t trust anyone, but was it all in his head? 


Joe’s followers were thrilled to have their leader back, none more than Emma, who kept trying to bed him.  With Jacob and Paul out of the picture, it looked like her old feelings resurfaced (if they ever went away). 

To be fair, it always seems like every follower wants to sleep with Joe, and by extension Ryan.  Also, Joe is very hot, charming and has that great accent. If he was a dirty old schlub, he probably couldn’t get all these impressionable young psychos to do squat. Anyway, insisting he still loved his ex-wife Claire, Joe would not sleep with Emma. 



The revered Roderick (Warren Kole) finally made an appearance.  He’s the local sheriff of the town with the mansion, and set them up there.  It was also revealed he’s been working with Joe from almost the beginning, and was responsible for two of the kills of which Joe was convicted. Joe never revealed this, so one of them could be on the outside running things. 

Charlie basically set up tech support in the estate so Joe and the followers could call each other and check their tweets or something.  He was also very apologetic to Joe, for not delivering Claire. Joe was sure he’d make it right. 

Knowing Claire had been taken into police custody, the followers devised a plan to learn her location. This included ambushing Mike as soon as he walked into his hotel room.  They brought him to an abandoned warehouse determined to beat the location out of him, Hunger Games-style. 

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First, Charlie, Roderick, and Louise (BAMF razor blade lady from last week) asked Mike where Claire was.  He said he didn’t know.  Then, they had ex-military Charlie go hand-to-hand with Mike. This fight was choreographed really well.  It was believable, and very violent, leaving Mike bleeding profusely. I didn’t think Mike had it in him!  Still, Mike insisted he didn’t know where Claire was. For Round 2, each were given lead pipes.  Mike ended up on the floor here, probably with a busted kneecap, but still insisting he had no idea of Claire’s whereabouts.  Next, each were given  very scary-looking knives. Charlie stabbed Mike in the gut as soon as the rookie agent charged. 


When Ryan realized Mike had been taken, he teamed up with Debra to find him. They got to him just as Louise was about to slit a dying Mike’s throat.  Ryan shot five followers dead, but Charlie, Louise, and Roderick got away. They managed to get Mike to the hospital, where he needed surgery. Mike proudly told Ryan he didn’t give up Claire’s location. Mike was very brave, but I'm still not sure if he's secretly a follower.


Charlie, Roderick and Louise were forced to return to Joe with their tails between their legs.  Joe, who was getting drunk with Emma, was not pleased.  Charlie took this especially hard. He told Joe he'd become a follower because he wanted his life to matter.  Basically, this translated into Charlie giving himself to be killed by Joe.  Maybe this was as an act of atonement? 


The thrill of a ritualistic kill put Joe in the mood. When Emma came into his room to help him clean the blood off, they fell into bed together. 

Roderick was having problems adjusting to not being “Big man on campus” anymore. When Louise went to comfort him after Charlie’s death, Roderick had a violent outburst.  He choked her, hard and long. Roderick released Louise at the last moment. She angrily smacked him for his outburst, before they started ripping each other’s clothes off.  Anyone else thrilled about having a new psychotic couple to root for?


General Randomness:

–This funny-awkward exchange between Mike and Ryan- R: “Nobody likes me.” M: “Well, you’re inconsistent and extreme. Nobody knows how to respond to you.” R: “…I was joking.”

–Ryan’s sarcastic “That was creepy” to follower David, as he spout vague prophetic cultist mumbo-jumbo, as the followers are ought to do.

–David to Ryan “Bet you didn’t see that coming,” when asking Ryan how he liked the “plot twist” of Joe escaping for a second time.  To which I say, dude, a blind person saw that coming!

–When Roderick took Joe on a tour of the mansion, Joe asked how many followers were actually living there.  Roderick dodged the question!  I, for one, am also curious.  I really want to know what the room situation is.  Like, if Joe, Joey, Emma, and Roderick all get their own room because they’re “special,” and everyone  else has to share 75 to a room, or if there’s 200 people there and only 3 bathrooms?  The number of murders on this show might get into the triple digits.

–Also, don’t Mike and Roderick look like they could be brothers?  Could Roderick and Mike really be brothers?!

I continue to enjoy the highly implausible, but campy fun that is The Following.  (Although, two weeks without Jacob and Paul is a travesty).  What did you guys think of Joe’s “Welcome Home?”

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