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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sabrina declares her feelings for Patrick, who claims he had no idea how she felt.  She apologizes for putting him on the spot, because she didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship. However, she felt the need to tell him.  Patrick thanks her for being honest, but he has never thought of her that way.  Patrick gets paged to surgery, and leaves Sabrina by herself.

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Carly and AJ kiss for Todd’s benefit, as Liz walks in and sees the kiss. She doesn't say a word and leaves.  Todd doesn’t believe she’d go back to AJ after all she told him about the man.  AJ heads off to call Liz, and Carly stresses to Todd that she’s with AJ now. She tells Todd to accept it. Todd claims she’s making it up to stay away from him.  Carly doesn’t need an excuse to stay away, because he’s not worth the effort.  Todd knows she wants to get back with him. 

Sonny visits Olivia's apartment, looking for Kate.  He explains they were supposed to find a psychiatrist to try integration.  Olivia explains Kate being angry with her, and not understanding the cause.  Sonny thinks Connie is back, and tells Olivia about the broken mirror.  

Connie’s publisher Agnes is preparing for the launch party for the book at The Floating Rib, when TJ and Molly arrive. They declare Molly is the book's author, and not Connie.  Alexis threatens a civil lawsuit against Connie and Agnes, but Agnes counters with the thought of a slander suit.  Shawn claims Kate is on her way to clear things up.  

Connie arrives and immediately names herself as the sole author of the book. Alexis confronts her about Molly being the author, and wonders why Connie is back.  Connie says Kate ran off to hide.  Connie reads an excerpt of the book, as Sonny and Olivia arrive.  Connie announces she’s writing a sequel about a woman wronged by a two timing man whore.  

Sonny wants to know why Connie has returned, and what happened with her and Kate.  Connie’s angry with him, and complains about what happened between them. Connie feels Sonny took advantage of her, and then slept with Kate.  

When AJ returns, Todd wonders if his relationship with Carly is all a story.  AJ calls Carly a bottom-feeding tramp, but claims they have reconciled. He continues the charade. Todd claims they’re faking, and he’ll prove it.  After Todd leaves, Carly regrets allowing AJ to help. AJ says Carly owes him a favor now.

Patrick tells Epiphany about Sabrina’s crush.  Pif is glad the truth is out, and Patrick is surprised she knew.  Pif asks Patrick how he responded to Sabrina's confession. He admits he left Sabrina standing alone by the nurse's station.  Patrick doesn’t think of Sabrina that way, and thought they were friends.  Pif can’t believe he never saw it, and figures he’s either blind or lying to himself.  

Liz returns to the hospital and explains to Sabrina she saw AJ and Carly kissing.  Liz rants about Carly being a skank, and how she’ll probably dismantle AJ’s life again. Liz thought her luck had changed after her last two romances, but she was wrong.  Sabrina understands her feelings, and updates Liz on the Patrick situation.  Liz apologizes for pushing Sabrina to say anything, but Sabrina agrees it was for the best.