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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie demands to know whom Sonny truly loves. Connie addresses the crowd and informs them she didn’t write the book; Molly did.  She confronts Sonny again, and asks if he loves her or Kate. Sonny refuses to discuss it in public, and drags Connie home. 

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Maxie is waiting for Dante and Lulu to arrive, so Britt can conduct the sonogram.  She wonders if Britt will tell them the truth, but Britt is too scared of Frisco to say anything. However, she does warn Maxie that the truth always comes out. 

Michael visits Ellie to see how things are coming along, and is confused when Spin admits to eating the paper. Ellie decides Spin needs an endoscopy to retrieve the paper.  

AJ asks for the name of the Quartermaine heir, in exchange for helping Carly with Todd.  Carly promises to give him the name, only if AJ keeps up the charade and tells no one the truth.  The two shake hands, and swear to help each other out.  

Todd shows up at Starr’s, and asks for her help with Carly.  He tells her about Carly and AJ, and wants Starr to find out more from Michael.  

Agnes is thrilled by the new controversy surrounding the book, and apologizes to Molly.  TJ wants to know when Molly’s name will appear on the book, but Agnes talks around it.  Some of the book’s readers gush to Molly about the heavier scenes, but she admits Connie wrote them.  People begin to wonder how she's the author, if Connie wrote some of the scenes. TJ comes to Molly’s defense, and explains that it’s her story and characters.  

Lulu and Dante are thrilled when they see the baby on screen.  Britt assures them all is perfect.  Lulu thanks Maxie, and says they wouldn’t have a baby if it weren’t for her.  After Lulu and Dante leave, Maxie asks to watch the sonogram again. 

Michael wonders why Liz isn’t on her date with AJ.  Liz tells him about seeing AJ and Carly kissing, which shocks Michael.   Michael thought Carly was into Todd, and AJ was into Liz. Liz again tells him about his parents kissing.  

Sonny informs Connie he wanted her the night they slept together.  She asks if he loves Kate, and Sonny admits he loves them both.  Connie feels he has to make a choice, but Sonny tells her Kate agreed to see a psychiatrist to become integrated.  Sonny says he needs both women.  Connie’s worried she’ll disappear, but Sonny promises never to leave either of them.   

Spinelli is sent to the wrong room to have his procedure, and walks in on Maxie looking at her sonogram.  Spin commends her again for being a surrogate for her friends. He tells Maxie how proud he is of her.  Maxie is about to tell him the truth, when Ellie shows up.  

Carly pops up at Starr’s to talk about Todd. However, she quickly discovers Todd is already there.  Starr covers for Carly, and says Carly is with AJ.  Todd believes Carly belongs with him, and refuses to believe her relationship with AJ is real. He storms out.  Carly tells Starr the truth, but begs Starr to go along with it. Starr doesn't have a problem feeding into the charade.

AJ finds Liz at the hospital, and asks why she stood him up.  Liz tells AJ she was there, and Michael pipes in that she saw AJ kissing Carly. However, Michael's certain it’s all a mistake.  AJ remembers his promise to Carly and apologizes to Liz, who bolts out of there. AJ tells Michael he’s with Carly now.